Friday, December 14, 2018

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Jewish Passivity Encourages Anti-Semites

Your assorted articles in the New Jersey Jewish Link (“U.S. Government Takes New Stance Against Campus Anti-Semitism,” October 4, 2018 and “A Textbook Case of Hatred,” October 4, 2018) concerning rising anti-Semitism in Europe and US universities missed the main reason the world still singles out the

Guns Are Not the Enemy

Rabbi Elias was distressed that the Jewish Link accepted an ad from a pistol range that trains people how to use guns and lets them use rented guns at the facility (“Gun Ads Don’t Belong Here,” October 4, 2018). Kudos to the Jewish Link for accepting such an ad. Rabbi Elias’ letter is very much in line with PC thinking. However,

Ari Fuld, H”YD , and Weapons Culture

The murder of Ari Fuld, H”YD, is a tragedy on so many levels - for his family, Israel, and world Jewry. It is particularly heartbreaking to note the bitter irony of him saying, “The only person who would be nervous about my guns are the terrorists who are looking to murder my people, and to them I say, be nervous and be scared! We as

 Get Our Country Back on Track

The coming election empowers us all to hold Congress accountable to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” as clearly required by the Constitution. Electronic media now enables us to join forces with voters of all nationalities and party preferences, to call on candidates to earn our votes by actually

Gun Ads Don’t Belong Here

As my 9-year-old son and I are avid readers of The Jewish Link each week, we enjoy reading the articles and teachings.  However, as a parent and rabbi, I was appalled by an ad (p.81, September 20, 2018) that advertises (and thus endorses) uses of guns and a gun range. I don’t know anything about this particular vendor or the place in

Rabbi Prizant Brings Brachot to Teaneck

On September 13, 2018, the air was filled with awe and spirituality as Rabbi Prizant graced the Teaneck and Bergen County area with his brachot and chizuk during the time of the Yamim Noraim. The community was fortunate to welcome Rabbi Prizant who is the new Klausenburg Rav in Union City, Hudson County, appointed after Rabbi Goldman’s

Open Communication Is Invited and Welcomed by Mayor Schmelz

In response to last week’s “What Were They Thinking?,” (September 13, 2018) I want to first say that I was a proponent of paving Highgate Terrace and went on record saying it should be paved at public meetings. As far as the crosswalk and work that has and will be done by the county, the communication between all parties involved

We Must Remain Vigilant

On Sunday morning, at around 10:45 a.m., while in Newark at the Federations Cemetery Day, we were made aware of the discovery of an explosive device at the B’nai Abraham Cemetery on South 19th Street at South Orange Avenue.

Essex County Sheriff Department police, supported by our Federation

Missing the Point...Again

Mr. Wisotsky’s feigned bemusement (“Missing the Point on Trump,” September 13, 2018) belies his attempt at misdirection and obfuscation as he refused to address any of the salient issues I raised. Initially he attempts to dismiss any criticisms as the work of irrational “Trump haters.” In a non sequitur, he describes the plight of

The Many Faces of Orthodoxy

I read with great interest the article by Michael Cohen (“Mi K’Amcha Yisrael,” September 13, 2018) and note for your attention the last two paragraphs. In particular the very last paragraph which is something that I have been trying to get through to you for the past several years.

I fully

Relating to Each Other

It was magical this past Shabbos in Passaic to encounter two drashas, one from Rav Eisenman, shlita, of Congregation Ahavas Israel and one from my mora d’asra, Rav Hirsch, shlita, of Kehillas Bais Yosef, that followed similar structures to my late relative Rav Avrohom Genechovsky zt”l’s drashas. Both shiurim had lamdus and mussar

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Yes, domestic abuse happens in our community among all backgrounds, in both wealthy and modest neighborhoods.  It is the silent secret our neighbors are battling each day. Bringing awareness helps support victims and increases the possibility of intervention to stop the violence and abuse.