Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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DNC Ultimately Expressed Unity and Idealism

Your recent editorial, “The ‘Red’ Flag of Philadelphia” (July 28, 2016), about the Democratic National Convention coping with a splinter group that was disruptive, is true. It is also true that some of the group-held views were anti-Israel.

However, they did not control the


Our Transgender Child Needs Acceptance

As a parent of a transgender child, I am writing in response to the article in the Jewish Link, July 14, 2016 entitled, “Transgender and Judaism.”

Our house is an observant Jewish

A Reminder to Do Good

Dear Mrs. Pfeiffer,

Thank you for sharing the story “A Letter Without a Stamp” (July 7, 2016). I was very touched and deeply moved (at times to tears) to read about such genuine and loving people, such as Harry and George (and you and your Lutheran supervisor).

I cut the article out of the paper because for me it is an anchor to authenticity, to

Which One Is It?

Councilman Jason Castle was quoted in the Bergen Record on March 4 as saying, "Everybody assumes that campaigns cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, but they don't." I find it conflicting that Castle would state that and also state in the same article that he "had not taken part in the day to day administrative tasks." Which one is it? Either Councilman

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Keep the ‘Hebrew’ in HIAS

This is a response to Mark Hetfield’s letter (“Help HIAS and Make Your Bubby Proud,”) published on March 24, 2016.

I am certain that when history books are written covering the period from the end of the

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‘Thank You’ to Chai Lifeline

Regarding “In Englewood This Shabbat, ‘C’ Is for Chai Lifeline” (March 31, 2016), the Jewish Link carried a front-page article written by Bracha Schwartz that was inspiring, joyful and informative. Having heard Lori Schlakman speak on Shabbat

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Let’s Return to the Constitutional Track

This super-charged election season provides all Americans the incredible opportunity to use the leverage of their vote to prevail on Congress to set our nation back onto the Constitutional Track, which we left due to an unconstitutional

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Gluten-Free Gemach Gets Ready for 2016

The Gluten-Free Gemach is about to enter its fourth year! We collect all gluten-free/non-gebrokts Pesach foods to distribute to our gluten-free community members.

The Gluten-Free Gemach will again be

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Why ‘Kudos’ for Schmelz on Highgate Terrace Reconstruction?

Once again I feel the necessity of pointing out a significant inaccuracy in your paper’s reporting on Bergenfield. Last week you did a story on the reconstruction of Highgate Terrace (“Highgate Terrace: The Work Has

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SPARKS Thanks Twerski Lecture Attendees

We would like to thank those who came out and joined us for our unique awareness event on April 7in which we heard Rabbi Dr. A. J. Twerski share his experiences as a clinical psychiatrist. We are extremely grateful for all the support that Rabbi

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Thank You Butterflake!

The Gluten-Free Gemach would like to publicly thank Butterflake Bakery and Richard Heisler for the donation of dozens of exquisitely delicious cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Many people benefitted from your great generosity, especially children with celiac who now

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Michael Cohen Has Earned Our Support

I am writing to express my full support of our councilman, Michael Cohen, for a third term representing our community in Englewood. While it is true that I have known Michael for well over 20 years, that is not the reason I am supporting him,