Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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The Renewal Shabbaton Was Powerful for All

I was absolutely blown away by the impact Renewal had on our community at its shabbaton. This was not merely based on the attendance at the melave malka, but what was more astounding was the response they got, both financially and in terms of cheek swab kits, the supply of which, I was told, was exhausted by the end of the

Respect Others and Watch Your Midot at Lazy Bean

Lazy Bean has become a “home” to many of us and we all enjoy it as a place to meet friends and bring our families. However, oftentimes diners leave their tables, chairs and the surrounding floor covered with food, syrup and crumbs with no care or regard to the next guest who will occupy that table. This shows a lack of

The Question Should Be ‘Why Did You Not Show Up?’

To the JLNJ staff who, unfortunately, took the easy path of criticizing fellow Jews in the community for, in your words, not bothering to “show up” to this one particular talk on the tuition crisis: Shame on you for slandering good people by imputing characteristics of apathy and/or laziness to our community and, by so doing, possibly impeding

Rabbi Moshe Schochet Is Now Head of School at Boca Raton’s Hadar HS for Girls

Rabbi Greene wrote a beautiful article in his chinuch column (“What Is the Role of the Jewish Educator Outside the Classroom?,” November 2, 2017) about “teachers being teachers outside the classroom.” He quoted and highlighted Rabbi Moshe Schochet. This is a person near and dear to my heart as he is my son. I spoke

Military Deserter Should Have Been More Severely Punished

The news flash that came over the radio today regarding the deserter Bowe Bergdahl was most disheartening to say the least. That a military tribunal determined that he would serve no prison term sends absolutely the wrong message to the men and women of our military.

Bergdahl deserted his post in a

On Parshat Chayei Sarah, Think of Shidduchim

Yes, me. I’m your neighbor down the block. I sat next to you or across from you in shul over the Yamim Noraim. I pass you in the narrow aisles of the grocery store.

I’m your friend’s daughter. I’m an accountant, lawyer, doctor, interior designer. I’m a teacher, freelancer, occupational therapist,

Take a Broader Look at the Tuition Crisis

As both a yeshiva school parent [and] yeshiva school teacher, and a municipal taxpayer, I find the articles on the tuition crisis too narrow a scope. The confluence of issues that impact the variety of costs for a modern yeshiva that wants to provide a quality education must address so many factors. The inroads made by private educational experts; the

Tuition Crisis Is Most Significant Issue for the American Jewish Community

Had the Czars issued edicts limiting the number of Jewish children, the outcry would have been deafening and a way would have been found to circumvent the decree. The same would have applied to all the enemies of the Jews. Yet there exists today a system that causes Jewish couples to limit the number of children they will have of their own free will!

Continuing the Conversation Regarding the Tuition Crisis

In last week’s issue (October 26, 2017), Mitch Morrison (“Half the Tuition, Half the Expectation,”) and Rabbi Tomer Ronen (“

The ‘Tuition Crisis’ and Turnout

Please excuse any stereotyping or broad statements. My opinion is formulated from my own anecdotal observances and experiences and may not reflect reality.

Thank you, Jewish Link, for being the platform we need for real change to happen with the tuition situation. Thank you to the OU for the vision and foresight to dedicate resources and begin

Why Christopher Wolf Is Your Best Option on Election Day

As we all know, election day is coming up. We are aware that we will be electing our next governor; however, many of us don’t always pay attention to the local state races. While I can almost guarantee that your vote for governor may not make a difference, in many assembly districts even a few votes can have a huge impact. Four years ago, Timothy Eustace, who is

Highland Park Councilman Josh Fine Urges Support for Diegnan, Karabinchak and Pinkin

I urge all Highland Park voters to reelect our 18th District legislators, Senator Patrick Diegnan [and] Assemblymembers Robert Karabinchak and Nancy Pinkin, next Tuesday, November 7. They have consistently advocated for issues that are of concern to Highland Park’s diverse community. They have advocated for local control over charter