Monday, December 10, 2018

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Understanding Trump’s Strategy

In this issue’s front page article and editorial (“Trump: Israel to ‘Pay’ for Embassy Move” August 22, 2018 and “No, Mr. President, the Only ‘Turn’ the Palestinians Seek Is the Right of ‘Re-Turn’” August 22, 2018), concern was expressed, and rightly so, about President Trump saying that Israel would have to pay a

The Jewish Vote Needs to Be Earned

Once more we read the naivete of a Jewish voter, and I’m sure he’s not alone, in his letter (“Let’s Not Turn Our Backs on Cory Booker,” Bob Trinz, August 23, 2018). Instead of rewarding those who have stood by Israel, we are urged to forgive Cory Booker who turned his back on us numerable times in the hopes that

Let’s Not Turn Our Backs on Cory Booker

The bitter critics of Cory Booker would do well to remember that the Republicans will not remain in power forever. Senator Booker may play a prominent role in government when the Democrats return. Would it be better to cast him out now as an enemy or treat him as a wayward friend who might perhaps be persuaded to become a

Expressing Hakarat Hatov

In Chodesh Elul I feel compelled to highlight and feature three doctors who are truly tzadikim. Dr. Stanley Weintraub, Dr. Steven Sheris and Dr. Allen Sapadin are brilliant, caring, devoted and dedicated rofim who go the extra mile to treat not only their patients with the utmost of derech eretz and kavod, but they treat

Reflection on Internship at The Jerusalem Post Lite

This summer I had the privilege of working as an intern in Israel for The Jerusalem Post Lite. Not many people understand the “Lite” part of that title, and so I will explain the lesser-known branch of the newspaper. The Jerusalem Post Lite is an easy-English print publication that caters to people in Israel looking to better their English. There are also a series

Cory Booker Perfidy Warrants Tougher Response

I have written many letters to media outlets but this one is particularly painful. It’s easy to be critical of the NY Times and the other left-wing mainstream media about their anti-Israel coverage, and I find it refreshing to take refuge in The Jewish Link, which is “my” kind of newspaper. Because of this, I felt like I was punched in the gut when I saw the two

Cory Booker Was Never Ours to Lose

Regarding your lead story (“Have We Lost Cory Booker?” August 9, 2018), my only question is why that is a question at all. Mr. Booker has made clear where he truly stands vis-a-vis Israel and no effort to sugar coat it will change reality. In the past he delighted Jewish audiences by sharing Divrei Torah, so I’ll remind him of an opinion cited in the Talmud that

Cory Booker Deserves Our Gratitude

The editorial in the JLNJ asks whether Senator Cory Booker is still with us, (“Talk to Us Senator Booker. Talk to Us Now!” August 9, 2018) the pro-Israel Orthodox Jewish Community. As pointed out in an article in the Jewish Standard that same week, the episode in question was the result of a photo-op gone bad. Senator Booker was unaware of the

Setting the Record Straight on Cory Booker

With regards to your headline “Have We Lost Cory Booker?” (August 9, 2018), we never had Cory Booker to begin with. Cory Booker had us.

It amazes me that with all the supposedly smart people we have in our communities, we constantly believe that there are

Conned by Cory

I read with mixed emotions Elizabeth Kratz’s commentary, “Have We Lost Cory Booker?” (August 9, 2018). I did not know whether to laugh or cry. She actually implies that the senator could somehow justify his actions and thereby preserve the support of the Jewish community. Seriously?

An incumbent United States senator holds up a sign reading “From

Cloth Bags Make a Difference

Regarding the man who wrote in response to Nina Glick’s article about plastic bags misled people (“What’s the Fuss Over Plastic Bags?,” July 19, 2018); he made it sound like it was fine/the best option to use regular plastic bags for groceries, and that we should not use reusable plastic bags. His opinions dissuade people from being

Jews and the Jewish State

Two separate items in this week’s Jewish Link of New Jersey point to a very disturbing problem in the Jewish community today that requires more emphasis. The first is the op-ed by Eric Ruskin (“It’s Not the Nationality Law, It’s the Jewish State They Hate,” August 2, 2018) and the second is the book review by Ben Rothke