Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Police Officers Deserve Our Respect and Thanks

The men and women in uniform who serve our communities are deserving of our respect and admiration. Every Shabbat morning, the members of my shul greet and thank the police officer standing sentry, ensuring our safety. These officers all wear bullet proof vests because they run a real risk of being in the line of fire every single day that

End Religious Exemptions for Vaccines in New Jersey

As the preventable measles outbreak tragically continues throughout New Jersey and the United States, it is time for concerned New Jersey residents to contact their state legislators and insist that they pass legislation that will remove the religious exemption from New Jersey’s mandatory vaccination law.

Make Your Own Mikraot Gedolot

Thank you for your article about our recent presentation at Frisch (“Yeshivat Frisch Holds YU Ideas Panel on ‘Future of the Book,’ June 13, 2019). Regarding the quote “You can make your own Mikraot Gedolot [with Sefaria],” I think that Dr. Koller was actually referring to a different site, Al HaTorah (

Don’t Let Remorse Take Over

I think the article “Will My Children Remain Religious?” (June 20, 2019) touched a healthy nerve. The author has guilt about her children’s religiosity. It’s normal. Everyone feels that at some point. The crucial difference is whether we let that guilt creep into our entire perspective or use it as a springboard

No Compromise on Highland Park

I agree with Eric Ruskin’s assessment of the Highland Park library fiasco (“Let’s Mitigate the Fiasco in Highland Park,” June 20, 2019) but disagree with his suggested solution to the problem. Scheduling an alternative program to “mitigate” the effect of the Bashi reading, merely substitutes the word

Kiruv: The Full Truth

I applaud the intentions of Steven Starr, “If I Am Only for Myself, Who Am I? An Argument for Modern Orthodox Kiruv” (May 30, 2019), but his solution is sadly incomplete. He proposes that modern Orthodoxy has a much better ability to attract the masses of secular or assimilated Jews back to Judaism, than the more yeshivish/right-wing

Lessons From My Renewal Experience

On May 21, I had the privilege of donating one of my kidneys through Renewal to a man in need. This decision was extremely personal and a long time in the making. I was so inspired by the kindness of other donors, that I truly felt compelled to do it. It was something I just couldn’t run away from and it has been the

Thank You From Team Evan

Thank you so much for the article last week regarding my Tour de Simcha ride (“Local Tour De Simcha Cyclists Set Sights on World’s Greatest Finish Line: Tova Gerson to Rejoin Tour de Simcha in Memory of Evan Levy, z”l,” June 13, 2019)! It was so lovely to read about it and definitely motivated this week’s training rides!

We Are Damaged by  Erased Images

Regarding Sarah Abenaim’s “Another Modest Proposal (June 6, 2019): Thank you for your response. We think you’ve hit the nail on the head and highlighted a question that many have been grappling with: Shouldn’t we just live and let live? Why are so many women and men upset about others’ choice to leave women out of pictures? Why

Modern Orthodox Kiruv Is Alive and Strong

I agree with Steven Starr that Modern Orthodoxy should be investing more of its time, energy and resources into kiruv (“If I Am Only for Myself, Who Am I? An Argument for Modern Orthodox Kiruv,” May 30, 2019). However, in order for this to be successful, a few things must be kept in mind.

YBM Chesed Joins With J-ADD to Ensure Homes Are Kosher for Passover

If there is anything more nerve-racking than cleaning my own personal home for Passover, it is cleaning the 14 kitchens for J-ADD’s 47 individuals with developmental disabilities. I mean, these kitchens not only have our residents in there, they also have three shifts of staff all of whom can be walking pieces of chametz at any time of

A Mickey Mouse Passover

I am not quite sure why I have to write this letter, since I have contacted several news agencies about the fraud being perpetrated at Pesach programs seemingly on a yearly basis, yet no one thought it worthy of their coverage.

And so I will write it