Sunday, December 15, 2019

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13 Reasons Not to Run an Advertisement

I found the advertisement in the May 18 issue on page G1 for the Tehillim Kollel to be disingenuous at best, sakanat nefashot (endangering a life) at worst.

The headline says: “Tehillim Cured our Daughter’s Depression.” In a world of TL;DR, people may not realize that it was psychological

Let’s Get Resources to Help Those Who Stutter

I would like to comment on your most interesting article “Did Moses Have a Speech Impediment: Part 1” (May 18, 2017). Rather than cite numerous sources, I just want to say that a Google search of the words “Moses stuttering” yields countless sources affirming that he had a stuttering problem.


A More Anguished ‘Lonely Woman of Faith’

For women in Orthodox Judaism, there are many paths toward faith. And in her article “Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?” (May 18, 2017) my friend Elizabeth Kratz describes one of those

‘Lonely Woman of Faith’ Points Out OU’s Glaring Lack of Roles for Women in Communal Leadership

I read Elizabeth Kratz’s editorial “Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?” (May 18, 2017) with interest. I’d like to suggest that it is based on at least two unstated, and quite debatable,

American Academy of Pediatrics Does Not Recommend Private Cord Blood Banking

I am writing in reference to what appears to be an article in your health section titled “Why More Jewish Parents Are Banking Cord Blood,” (May 25, 2017). By the end of the article it becomes apparent that this is an advertisement, but it is essential that this be made more apparent from the start because the American Academy of

‘Lonely Woman of Faith’ Rightly Expresses Values

Kudos to The Jewish Link for publishing Elizabeth Kratz’s magnificent essay, “Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?” (May 18, 2017). It is one of the best pieces we have ever read in your paper.

Mrs. Kratz rightly takes to task journalists who, rather than seeking the truth from all corners, simply (and

Ad’s Message Must Be Considered

I was disappointed to see your recent advertisement entitled “Tehilim Cured Our Daughter’s Depression.” I recognize that your target audience is Orthodox Jewish, and that prayer is a component of faith, but the title is simplistic and silly at best, and quite offensive and hurtful at worst. Think of the message it

Support School Choice in NJ in the June Election

New Jerseyans are the first in the country to have the opportunity to begin to tear down this wall that prevents parents from providing their children with quality education that meets their needs, talents and faith. Thanks to several courageous New Jersey legislators, ours is the first state to have a bill that conforms precisely to the Universal School

It Was the Height of Hypocrisy

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh in pain or cry out loud in response to UNESCO’s resolution calling Israel an “occupying power” and [saying] any Israeli efforts to assert sovereignty over Jerusalem are “null and must be rescinded,” on Israel’s Independence Day, no less. The hypocrisy and outrageous accusation

Why Trump Isn’t Actually Pro-Israel

Like many in our Modern Orthodox circle, I heavily consider the American-Israeli relationship when voting for our public representatives. However, many in our community, whether they admit it or not, are one-issue voters whose sole concern is Israel. And because of that, many voted for Donald Trump—the candidate who blasted Obama for

Swift Law Enforcement Response Appreciated by Elmora Hills Minyan

Following Shacharit this morning we were shocked to find a pair of swastikas scrawled in chalk in the parking lot adjacent to our shul. We immediately notified the Union Police Department, which has begun an investigation into this unconscionable hate crime. With assistance from our local federation, we have also been in contact with the

With Nonprofit Board Service, Look Not at Risk Avoidance Alone

In a recent issue, an insurance broker wrote an article “To Join or Not to Join?” (April 27, 2017) regarding nonprofit board service. The author brings up an important point that is often overlooked: the need for a board to have appropriate directors and officers (D&O) insurance to protect the lay members of the school or