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‘Sound the Alarm’ Letter Was Arrogant and Hurtful

Last week’s Name Withheld letter to the editor titled “It’s Time to Sound the Alarm” (October 6, 2016) was, frankly, ignorant and hurtful. How dare this author dismiss the efforts of parents to help their children function more effectively? How dare this author insinuate that parents do not know what is best for

Josh Gottheimer Is a Great ‘No Labels’ Candidate

I’ve always admired Senator Joe Lieberman. Throughout his 24 years in the Senate he reached across party lines to solve problems. Unfortunately, that’s become increasingly rare in Washington. Whether a Democrat or Independent, Lieberman was always one of Israel’s strongest defenders in Washington.

I was very excited to see that Senator Lieberman was in

It’s Time to Sound the Alarm

To my fellow Jewish parents, educators and caregivers: There is a terrible epidemic in our midst and I would like to ring the alarm. I beg you to hear me out. It is no exaggeration to say it is a matter of life and death. It is the diagnosing and drugging of our precious children. Our children are being diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and given dangerous

Rabbi Menachem Genack Endorses Josh Gottheimer

With all the uncertainty in the Middle East, from the rise of ISIS to an emboldened Iran, we must not allow Israel to become a partisan issue. Unfortunately, over the past few years, we have seen a deep erosion of support for Israel in the Democratic Party. While 75 percent of Republicans support Israel, only 43 percent of Democrats show

Incorrect Information Was Provided Regarding Alzheimer’s New Jersey

Susan Lilly recently wrote an advice piece about the help that is available for families facing Alzheimer’s disease in New Jersey. The advice was important, but the resource information provided about the Alzheimer’s organizations in the state was incorrect. As Alzheimer’s New Jersey, we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify

Coin Collecting Is the Hobby of Kings

Mordechai Schmutter is very funny to read. Yeyasher Kochacha. But I must put in a word for anyone who thinks coin-collecting is frivolous. It was known as the hobby of kings. I too started in fourth grade with pennies. But I graduated to more denominations, earlier mintages, other countries and eventually ancients. Along the way I learned

Jewish Link and Sharing Seats Get a ‘Mitzvah Note’

Because I met Jewish Link Moshe Kinderlehrer at the Hudson Jewish Business Alliance luncheon a month or so ago, I thought you may be interested in seeing how my organization, the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (www.jifga.org), utilized a Jewish Link story within our newsletter. We started a new section entitled

Letters to the Editor 9-22-16

Disproportionate Force

In your Sept. 8 issue was a newsbrief in which Sweden’s FM chastised Israel for the disproportionate number of Palestinians that were killed compared to Israelis.

I want to describe to you an incident from a recent visit to Israel.

Just before leaving to return to the US, my niece gave me a small

Isn’t There a Statute of Limitations Here?

Kudos to the Jewish Link in publishing Mr. Mitchell First’s article, “The Balfour Declaration and Its Implications Today” in the September 8, 2016 issue, including a full explanation of its history and terms and how it evolved.

How very odd, ironic, daring, distasteful and audacious is the Palestinians’ call to sue the United Kingdom for issuing the

SINAI at TABC Is Still Very Much Present

In the recent article regarding The Jewish Center and its newest Rabbi, Rabbi Daniel Fridman (“Jewish Center of Teaneck Welcomes Rabbi Daniel Fridman,” September 8), you listed various other organizations that rent space in the building. Your article erroneously reported that SINAI’s high school relocated from TABC to the Jewish Center. As the current director of

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR September 1, 2016

Domestic Violence Article Makes

Irresponsible Proposal I was disturbed by the article written by Ms. Stefani Jeffreys (“How to Help Those Touched by Domestic Violence,” August 25, 2016). In the article she refers to “a new movement of women holding out on their husband to help their friends get a get.

The husbands,


Thanks for the Shoes, Jewish Link and Bergen County Communities

On behalf of the Fair Lawn Chapter of Hadassah, I would like to thank the Jewish Link community, the Fair Lawn community as well as the many people from the surrounding towns in Bergen County for donating shoes to