Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Letters to the Editor

Help HIAS and Make Your Bubbe Proud

This is a response to the Jewish Link’s publication of the JNS article, “This Is Not Your Bubby’s Immigrant Aid Society,” (March 17, 2016). The Torah reiterates, no less than 36 times, versions of the commandment to love the stranger as ourselves, for we know the heart of a

Letters to the Editor

Keep Dunkin Donuts Safe for Our Children

Dear Dunkin-Donuts Candy Man,

You have a cherubic face, an innocent smile and a kippah. You appear to be a Sabba (grandfather). However, I do not know you and the children with me do not know you. Therefore, you are a stranger.

Letters to the Editor

Which One Is It?

Councilman Jason Castle was quoted in the Bergen Record on March 4 as saying, “Everybody assumes that campaigns cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, but they don’t.” I find it conflicting that Castle would state that and also state in the same article that he


Fiduciary Responsibility Extends Beyond Development

I am writing this letter as a private citizen of Teaneck for 24 years, and not as a trustee of the Board of Education.

The Jewish Link continues to highlight development as the "cure all"

Letters to the Editor

Take Action for School Choice

Dear Editor,

For the first time, Congress has before it a school choice bill to empower all parents in our nation’s capital to send their children to quality schools of their choice. Universal school choice in DC will undoubtedly serve as a model and trailblazer for all 50

Remembering Jack Wimpfheimer z”l

This past Friday marked one year since Mr. Jack Wimpfheimer returned his soul to his Maker.

His wife, Eve, mentioned that he was very charitable, noting that the last check with his name on it was to tzedaka.

This author, a neighbor in


Bret Stephens Thwarted Pollard’s Release

Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal is scheduled to speak at a local event this coming week, which is sponsored by all of the major shuls in Teaneck. Stephens’s incendiary campaign and disconcerting crusade to thwart the release of


Underlying Conditions Can Cause ADHD

I am a New Jersey licensed psychologist and a New Jersey certified school psychologist. I read

an article about children with a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD in The Jewish Link of January 21, 2016 (“The ADHD Child:

Letters to the Editor

Innocent and Pulled Over at Age 22

It was an evening in March of 2011, and at the age of 22, all I wanted to do was get home but I was lost. As I drove I was trying to figure out where I was. I approached a toll booth and I was pretty sure that there were not supposed to be any toll

Letters to the Editor

Quote Clarification in Suicide Prevention Article

Thank you for the article “Suicide: The One Word We Should Never Avoid” by Phil Jacobs in the January 15, 2016, issue. I do, however, want to clarify my quote in the second-to-last paragraph, since part of what I said was left out and

Letters to the Editor

Better to Fulfill Mitzvot Than Indulge the Yetzer Hara

Regarding “From the Desk of a 17-Year-Old Yeshiva Applicant” (December 31, 2015), I would like to say the following. Broken Modern Orthodoxy? No. But perhaps the gap-year experience at a yeshiva or seminary is crucial for those who will attend


Assisted Suicide and Its Exceptions

I was appalled to read the diatribe by Mr. Sharaby regarding assisted suicide in your December 17 issue (“Assisted Suicide or Assisted Homicide?”). Unlike the real estate agent/finance director, I speak as a practicing physician (I am a specialist in pediatric pulmonary medicine, and a clinical professor