Friday, December 14, 2018

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Cloth Bags Make a Difference

Regarding the man who wrote in response to Nina Glick’s article about plastic bags misled people (“What’s the Fuss Over Plastic Bags?,” July 19, 2018); he made it sound like it was fine/the best option to use regular plastic bags for groceries, and that we should not use reusable plastic bags. His opinions dissuade people from being

Jews and the Jewish State

Two separate items in this week’s Jewish Link of New Jersey point to a very disturbing problem in the Jewish community today that requires more emphasis. The first is the op-ed by Eric Ruskin (“It’s Not the Nationality Law, It’s the Jewish State They Hate,” August 2, 2018) and the second is the book review by Ben Rothke

We Should Learn the Facts About Plastic Bags

I read the opinion piece by Rabbi Mordechai and Nina Glick regarding “What’s the Fuss Over Plastic Bags?” (July 19, 2018) and, truth be told, I could not believe what I was reading.

First of all, even opinion pieces should contain some real facts. The “canvas” bag that the Glicks used in Canada and will use in the States is, in fact, not canvas but

Setting the Record Straight on the ADL

I write as a past national chair of the Anti-Defamation League to correct the distortions in Jonathan S. Tobin’s biased descriptions of ADL’s positions (“Whatever Happened to the ADL,” July 19, 2018).

Throughout our long history, ADL has always been

The New Era of the ADL

The op-ed by Jonathan Tobin (“Whatever Happened to the ADL,” July 19, 2018) is an important reminder to Jews about the hijacking of the ADL, one of the formerly preeminent Jewish organizations, by it’s new CEO, Jonathan (“I Will Register as a Muslim”) Greenblatt, former staffer in the Clinton and Obama administrations. He has

Josh Gottheimer Can Change the Democrats’ View of Israel

Support for Israel is dropping at an alarming rate within the Democratic Party. The lone democracy in the Middle East is becoming more politicized between party lines than ever before. If Democratic support does not improve soon, Israel’s security may be at risk.

The Importance of Yoatzot Halacha

I was gratified to read Rabbi Menachem Genack’s positive review of the book “Nishmat HaBayit: Responsa on Pregnancy, Birth and Family Planning” in your July 26 edition. I too found the work containing contributions from several knowledgeable Yoatzot Halacha to be thorough and well-presented.

I was

A U.S. and NATO Parable

Three years ago, a client of mine, Ms. Bridge, presented me with the following family problem.

Her mom had passed a year prior, and left [her] and her brother, Mr. Berlin, a two-family home in the west part of the state.

Before the mom passed, her brother lived in one

Unity Within the Teaneck Community

It was gratifying to open your last edition of the Jewish Link and see a picture of our Muslim mayor, Mohammed Hameeduddin, surrounded by his two Jewish deputy mayors, Elie Y. Katz and Mark (Mendy) Schwartz.

At a time when our country is struggling with division and divisiveness, it is refreshing and

Excellent Historical Narrative Should Lead to Further Discussion

Alex Grobman’s excellent two-part series (“What Did They Know? When Did They Know? How Did They Interpret the Information?,” June 28/July 4, 2018) on the information available of the dire condition of Europe’s Jews early in the Second World War was very instructive. While the reports were sometimes fragmentary and uncertain, they

Liberal-Left and College Campuses

It is no secret that liberals have dominated most college campuses in America. An integral part of the new alt-left liberal agenda is pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic propaganda. This agenda has infected Rutgers and now William Paterson, both in our own backyard.

I applaud and greatly admire

Why Are We More Outraged at Holocaust Comparisons Than Family Separations?

The recent Trump administration policy of separating asylum-seeking families at the U.S. border invoked the ire of liberals and humanitarian-minded conservatives alike. Yet, in some circles, it seems that there is only one issue here: comparing this policy to the Holocaust. Certainly, these comparisons can go too far. It has been rightly