Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Note From a Banji Fan

Thank you for running Banji Ganchrow’s humor column every week. She makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I have no idea who she is and I don’t even live in Teaneck, yet I can really relate to her weekly musings. She feels like

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The Hard Left’s Only Sin Is Dissent

Among other things, the piece reinforces a thought that occurred to me after Yom Kippur, that for the hard left, there is only one sin: dissenting from the hard left’s policies and program. The manifesto of the hard left can, I think, be summed up in

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Strong Leadership From Rep. Garrett

The recent op-ed by Congressman Scott Garrett entitled, “We Must Keep Nuclear Weapons Out of Iran,” (September 10, 2015) succinctly and effectively makes the case against the Iran nuclear deal, pointing out the significant dangers which it poses. Most important is the last

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From Dallas to Bergenfield

I appreciated and read with both amusement and nostalgia the article “From Teaneck to Tennessee,” (September 10, 2015). The author is 100% correct about the wonderfully unique experience of living in a small out of town Jewish community. My family and I just moved to

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Rav Schachter’s Intents Are Genuine

Regarding “Response to Rav Schachter’s Criticism of the International Beit Din on Torahweb.org,” (September 3, 2015), Rav Schachter is a GREAT man of TREMENDOUS sensitivity. To even subtly suggest that he is acting improperly or without the most genuine of intents simply

World News Briefs

Switzerland Becomes First Nation to Lift Iran Sanctions After Nuclear Deal

(JNS.org) The government of Switzerland became the first country to officially lift its sanctions against Iran in the wake of last month’s nuclear deal.


Letters to the Editor

A Yeshiva is Not an Individual

Rabbi David Fried has taken me to task for allegedly asserting that “despite his personal belief in a traditional understanding of revelation, Rabbi [Asher] Lopatin’s refusal to view contrary beliefs as inherently heretical places him, and the institution he heads, outside of

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A YCT Graduate Responds to Dr. Berger

In his July 9 op-ed (“The Rabbinical Council of America and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah: A Response to Rabbis Avi Weiss and Asher Lopatin”), Dr. David Berger defends the Rabbinical Council of America’s (RCA) decision to exclude graduates of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT) from its ranks. He asserts that YCT

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Yoeztet Event Accurately Described

The reason the Yoetzet Event was called “community-wide” is not “complicated” at all (“Yoatzot: Both ‘Strongly Opposed’ and ‘Warmly Welcomed’ in the Teaneck Community,” August 13, 2015). Simply:

The event was open to all

LETTER TO the Editor

To the Editor:

In “It’s Time to Evict J Street from the Jewish Communal Tent” (July 30, 2015), Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Hamilton directed a number of out-of-line accusations at fellow American Jews who are members of J Street, the most tasteless being that they are somehow agents of the Iranian regime.

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To the Editor:

Thank you so much for your high-quality publication.

In October 1943 my great grandfather, Rabbi Eliezer Poupko, marched with R’ Moshe Feinstein, Rabbi Eliezer Silver and 400 other rabbis to the White House to ask President Roosevelt to do more to help European Jews who were being massacred by the Nazis.

Today, like then, the

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for sharing Rabbi Sytner’s beautiful and inspiring article (“Finding the Strength to Care,” July 25, 2015).

I am personally aware of this story in Israel and the situation is incredibly difficult (as is the fundraising on Daniel’s behalf). Thank you for helping get this story out. If you have any further contacts