Friday, September 21, 2018

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Puppets of the Media

The Letters to the Editor section of the Jewish Link has become a battleground over the past month. “It Is Time for Change” (March 29, 2018) opened a Pandora’s box as the writer noted the common fear Teaneck students faced during the lockdown and pushed for gun control.

We Can Do Better

Thank you to the Teach NJS staff for creating a venue for our community to reach out and interact with government officials regarding non-public school tuition costs at the Teach NJS Annual Legislative Breakfast on April 15. While this event has been lauded a success, with over 300 people in attendance (much more than at the previous

Teach NJS Breakfast Was Energizing

Thank you to Teach NJS and the OU for pulling off an unbelievable event!!! (“Are You Bucking Under the Weight of School Tuition,” April 12, 2018.) This past Sunday morning the turnout was incredible, with the Glenpointe Marriott jam-packed as we gathered to ensure that all children in the state of New Jersey get their fair share of

Addressing the Underlying Issue

I read the article published last week (“A Different Perspective on Lockdowns,” April 12, 2018), a response to a previously published letter (“It Is Time for Change,” March 29, 2018), both by fellow high school students. I went through the same lockdown that the other two went through, being a student at Frisch myself.

The Importance of Person-First Language

We applaud your efforts to bring addiction to the Teaneck community’s attention for the April 22 Amudim event, “Addiction and Substance Abuse Can Happen to Anyone” (April 12, 2018).

One important step is to destigmatize substance use and mental health disorders so people feel safe talking about it.

Spreading Chesed Beyond Local Borders

Growing up, I have always appreciated the Jewish concept of chesed, or loving kindness. It is one of the principle ideas behind giving back and giving to others. Over the years, I have participated in a variety of chesed projects—volunteering at a local food pantry, visiting residents at a local nursing home or volunteering at

A Different Perspective on Lockdowns

I read the letter that was published last week (“It’s Time for a Change,” March 29, 2018) by a fellow high school student. I sympathized with the story she told; I went through the exact same event at the exact same time, and it looked pretty much like what was described in that letter. But I do not recognize, and

Teach NJS Is a Step in the Right Direction

Several years ago, I had the privilege of studying in the Kollel Elyon at Yeshiva University. In addition to our intensive learning and chaburas, we had the privilege of having lunch meetings with prominent Jewish leaders alongside Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm for a conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing the

A Modest Proposal for the Gaza Economy

The recent “protests” at the Gaza-Israeli border have me worrying about the economic future of our cousins on the other side of the fence. We all know that the reasons for this latest round of violence have nothing to do with what Israel did, is doing or will do. It is all about internal strife between the PA and Hamas and the fact that

We Need a Stronger Response to Anti-Semitism at Rutgers

It’s been over four months since Rutgers faculty were shown to be involved in a rash of outrageous anti-Semitic/anti-Israel incidents (see for example Jewish Link, December 7, 2017).  Professor Michael Chikandas had shared dozens of anti-Semitic posts on his Facebook page. Professor Mazen Adi, a former Syrian government official,

Lebanon: Strategy Not Confrontation

The last issue of The Jewish Link included a letter warning readers on the threat posed by Lebanon (and Hezbollah in particular) to Israel (“Lebanon’s Very Real Threat to Israel,” March 15, 2018). Despite the fact that Jewish organizations and the Israeli government have been cautioning us on this threat since the 2006 war, the author

Community Support Is Needed at the Teach NJS Breakfast

Teach NJS hosted successful events in Highland Park on March 4 and Fair Lawn on March 26. Both of these well-attended events brought out a passionate group of yeshiva day school constituents who are committed to developing methods to ensure the continuity and long-term viability of yeshiva education.