Monday, December 10, 2018

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Sanders-Led Democratic Congress Could Be Disastrous for Israel

The headline article in this week’s Jewish Link, “Sanders Leads Dems Away From Israel” (June 14, 2018) should send shudders down the spine of every Jew who cares about Israel. Unfortunately it probably won’t for the more than 70 percent of Jews who consistently vote Democratic. Jews have always been more liberal than their

STEM Faculty Funding to Nonpublic Schools Is Critical

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic) speak to a group in Fair Lawn and he reiterated the importance of voting and making our voice heard. Assemblyman Schaer recently brought our key issue of equitable funding of our children to the forefront in the state Legislature. But

Rutgers, Now William Patterson Anti-Semitism? Enough Is Enough!

I am tired of writing about anti-Semitism and hate rhetoric in university classrooms! I understand that institutions of higher learning pride themselves on academic freedom and open dialogue but at the same time they should have the same passionate commitment to truth, tolerance and the disavowal of hate

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest Calls for End to Cruel Border Policy

Jewish Federation of Greater Metro­West NJ joins 26 Jewish organizations and other religious groups in condemning the cruel and unconscionable policy of separating children from their parents seeking asylum in the United States. We are horrified by the heart-wrenching pictures of children being torn from the arms of

Trump, the Miraglim and the Torah’s Relevance to Modern Times

In reading about the story of the miraglim in this week’s parsha, Shelach Lecha, one can only marvel at the Torah’s prescience and relevance to modern times, for example, today’s America.

In the story of the miraglim, one sees a majority of them, as describing the land which they are about to

A Letter to Graduating Seniors

As I sit down to write this, I am just days away from attending my first significant graduation as a father. True, it is an elementary school graduation and not a high school one, but those milestone moments at any age prompt parents to think about the words of wisdom they want to offer their kids at this crucial juncture in their lives. So I come to you today, not

Jews and Politics: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

Ask any Jew how smart Jews are, and they immediately wax poetic on how many Nobel Prizes they’ve won and how great their achievements have been, out of all proportion to their numbers, in the fields of science, literature, law, technology, medicine, military, etc. However, amid all their qvelling and nachas schepping, there lies the

The Status of the Convert

In his May 31, 2018, article titled “Zevachim 45,” Rabbi Zev Reichman tries to prove that a convert is like a newly born person from the Gemara Zevachim daf 45, where it states that when a gentile dedicates something as hekdesh, the law of me’ilah applies to that object. Since one would receive lashes for me’ilah, and must receive a

Columbus Tournament Coverage Missed One Detail

I found the article (“TABC Storm Fall Just Short in Columbus Tournament Championship,” May 10, 2018) very well written by one of the TABC players. It was informative and fairly written while staying neutral to the situations. However, I would be remiss if I did not correct the writer. He wrote that the game-winning hit was off of the

We Need to Denounce Religious Intolerance, Combat Anti-Semitism

The recent increase in anti-Semitism is abhorrent. With waves of threats aimed at Jewish Community Centers and the desecration of synagogues and cemeteries across our nation, and growing threats around the world, meaningful action is overdue. This past week, I proudly joined with colleagues in sending a bipartisan letter to Secretary of

Let’s Clarify About Keeping Chumras

I was a bit disappointed that Rabbi Moshe Taragin used the Nazir as an example of a “chumra” (“Chumrot and Life in Israel,” May 24, 2018). While I understand that he used it as a jumping off point to discuss the practicality of keeping chumrot on a national level in Israel, the application of becoming a Nazir to the way

Primary Day and Education

New Jerseyans now have precious days until Primary Day, Tuesday, June 5, to restore liberty and justice, and put an end to a tyrannical system that compels us to pay for progressive government schools, which have built and paid for the “Deep State” that currently rules much of our government. Every vote for Brian Goldberg, the first