Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Kudos to Congressman Gottheimer

Thank you for your article highlighting Congressman Gottheimer’s bipartisan work with Reps Tom Reed (R-NY), Max Rose (D-NY) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and the Problem Solvers Caucus (“Rep. Gottheimer Focuses on Bipartisan Efforts Toward Fighting Terror,” November 7, 2019). To see members of Congress reaching across the aisle to

Secular Colleges Should Not Be Discounted

The letter from Martin Pollack in the October 24 issue, “Warning for Parents Researching Colleges” is very interesting. Mr. Pollack essentially advocates for Jewish students to forgo secular universities and exclusively enroll in sectarian institutions such as Yeshiva University and Touro College.

Response to Rav Yossi Goldin

I appreciate the thoughtful comments shared by Rav Yossi Goldin (“Continuing the Conversation: Restoring Vision to Modern Orthodoxy,” November 7, 2019). I certainly agree that there is far more to our community than our ability to connect to other Jews. The purpose of the article was not to provide a comprehensive

Annexation and Occupation

Two of the most incorrectly and misused words concerning the situation regarding Israel are “annexation” and “occupation.” They are continually highlighted in varying degrees by some in the anti-Israel and “Pro-Israel” and “Pro-Peace” camps, including some running for the Democratic nomination for president.

Use the Musical Ears Gemach!

There is a gemach here in Teaneck that lends noise-protection headphones for infants, toddlers and kids (“Dangerous Simchas,” October 31, 2019). Visit www.musicalears.org  to learn more. All donations go to Chai Lifeline.

Why So Loud?

Thank you for addressing a serious issue in our community (“Dangerous Simchas,” October 31, 2019). I recently went to a concert on Chol Hamoed and the workers at the concert hall said that the Jewish concerts are much, much louder than the non-Jewish rock concerts. Why are we doing this to our children? I see infants

The Federation Fiddles While Highland Park Burns

There has been an alarming increase in anti-Semitism around the world and in America, from both the left and the right. The war on Jews and Israel has now reached the Highland Park-Edison area, which was deliberately targeted because of its large Jewish population. The opening attack was a reading in its library of an

The Path to Success For ‘Lulav Jews’

I read Rabbi Mischel’s article on “The Lulav Jews” (October 24, 2019), and found it to be a worthwhile insight regarding a unique mission that Modern Orthodox Jews can fulfill. However, while the author notes (and clearly correctly so) that it is essential for us to strengthen our commitment to Torah and mitzvot and not consider

Election letter: Support Swain and Tully in The Upcoming Elections

We are writing to give assembly members Lisa Swain and Chris Tully our full and whole-hearted endorsement in the November 5 election. Lisa and Chris have been terrific partners and advocates for our community. They led the fight to successfully increase school security funding at yeshiva schools, have introduced major new legislation to improve pedestrian safety and

Election letter: Elections in Highland Park

I urge all Highland Park voters to re-elect our 18th District Assembly members Robert Karabinchak and Nancy Pinkin on Nov. 5. They have consistently advocated for issues that are of concern to Highland Park’s diverse community, including voting in favor of state aid for nursing, security and technology for

Election letter: Who Is the Best Teaneck BOE Candidate?

You may know one or more board members in your community personally, at least by name. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best person for the job.

What exactly do board members and the board of education do?

Board members represent all members of the

RCBC and School Heads Work Together for Good of Teens

The Rabbinical Council of Bergen County (RCBC), which consists of all the Orthodox rabbis in Bergen County, met this past week with the heads of all local Bergen County Jewish high schools. Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz, president of the RCBC, initiated the gathering to discuss ways in which congregational rabbis and principals could work together