Sunday, October 20, 2019

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Lessons From Poway: What Should We Do?

The recent attacks at the Chabad of Poway and Tree of life synagogue should serve as a wake-up call to educate ourselves and fellow Jews on how to respond should a similar attack occur while we are in synagogue.

According to the FBI, if one finds himself in a building during an active shooter attack,

#Provaxx Next Steps

Thank you for your informative and important article (“Jewish Community Comes Out #Provaxx,” April 16, 2019) on vaccinations in the Jewish community and specifically in Bergen County. You mention that “The Moriah School decided to take even more proactive steps” and tested all of our faculty to ensure that they have antibodies to

Thank You for Featuring Lone Soldiers

Editor’s note: This responds to contributing editor Nina Glick, who sent a copy of the paper to the parents of a lone soldier she met in Israel and photographed.

Thank you so much for sending us a copy of The Jewish Link that had a picture of our son

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

The rapid descent of American Jews today into a suicidal death spiral is among the most alarming things I’ve witnessed in my many years on this earth. We Jews have reveled over the millennia, in blaming everyone else for persecuting us, and have finally found the greatest haven in history here in America, where we were able to grow and

Finding My Place at Bet Yosef

Two years ago, I began my journey exiting the Upper West Side to move across the Hudson. A journey that so many young professionals take into the unknown.

What community would work best for me? Would I have the same connection to the wonderful friends I made

Chazan Frankel Tribute Stirs Memories

As a resident of Washington Heights since my marriage almost 25 years ago and a member of Khal Adath Jeshurun (Breuer’s) I have been enjoying Norbert Strauss’ beautiful tribute to Chazan Robert Frankel a”h.

My husband, who has lived in the Heights his entire life and has similar fond memories of

Clearing Up Vaccine Misconceptions and Concerns Regarding Lubavitch on the Palisades

Editor’s note: The following was sent to The Jewish Link regarding incorrect information shared about Lubavitch on the Palisades schools and camps.

Safety will always be our number-one concern, and we will do everything to protect those who come to our school and camp every day knowing they can feel

Open Letter to Rep. Ilhan Omar

Note from Michael Pritsker: The letter below represents views of numerous Jewish families from Central New Jersey and New York City. The majority of us experienced many forms of anti-Semitism while living in the Soviet Union. We strongly condemn the anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli views of Rep. Ilhan Omar and her

Disrespecting the Rav

In his letter, “Context of the Rav Soloveitchik Transcription” (March 20, 2019), Rabbi Dr. Tzvee Zahavy proceeds from describing the ramifications of the Rav’s seminal and history-impacting presentation, to dismissing and deriding the Rav’s message.

Thank You for Walk MS Coverage

Thank you very much for your article about our family’s participation in Walk MS. We are incredibly proud to be doing so for the third consecutive year, and we daven that Hashem grants us the strength to continue doing so in years to come.

We are

Disappointed With AIPAC

I’m disappointed with AIPAC and with coverage by The Jewish Link of the conference. I’ve been disappointed since Obama received a standing ovation after declaring that Israel has his full support. It would not have been appropriate to boo him for his lies and consistent animosity towards Israel, but a standing ovation!?! Similarly,

JFNNJ and Area Day Schools Stand With New Zealand

In the wake of the horrific tragedy at the Christchurch mosque, the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey and our network of local Jewish day schools offer our deepest condolences to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Our hearts and prayers are with the families and victims of this heinous massacre. We add our voices to other communities