Saturday, March 28, 2020

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Keep the Noise Down in the Sukkah

In your first publication after the holidays, you featured some community sukkah parties or Smachot Beit Hashoeva hosted by some local residents (“A Sampling of Notable Central NJ Sukkot,” October 24, 2019). I want to bring to your attention that some of these festivities held outside in the sukkah, some serving

Corrections on Touro College

“The College Search: A Brief Guide to Jewish Life Outside YU” (Oct. 3, 2019) was comprehensive and offered important facts and details about a variety of educational options for readers; however, I would like to point out some corrections to the information provided about Touro College. Touro’s Lander

Jewish Life on Secular Campuses: A Rebuttal

In last week’s letter to the editor, “Warning for Parents Researching Colleges” (October 24, 2019), Martin Polak argued that college students are incapable of coping with a secular college experience without completing falling off the religious wagon. Therefore, in order to protect our children and keep them on the

There Is More Than One Path

Having read Martin Polack’s letter, “Warning for Parents Researching Colleges” (Oct. 24, 2019), we disagree with the assertion that secular college leads to a decline in the level of observance in our children. As Jews we should be very careful of casting aspersions and making generalizations about others who are choosing a different

No Cell Phones in Class

I was a bit taken aback by Wally Greene’s article, “Opposition to Cell Phones in Class: Is It a Good Idea?” (Oct. 24, 2019). Whereas he correctly lists many of the reasons why cell phone use in the classroom is a major distraction, he also indicates that cell phone use is addictive. Addictions are very powerful and

Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Actions in Our Back Yard

The  Highland Park Public Library Board of Trustees has scheduled for presentation on Oct. 20, erev Shemini Atzeret, a program for toddlers called “P is for Palestine, I is for Intifada.” The speaker is a non-resident of Highland Park, an Iranian woman Golbarg Bashi, who is an advocate for BDS against Israel.

Warning for Parents Researching Colleges

Having read Elizabeth Zakheim’s article,”The College Search: A Brief Guide to Jewish Life Outside YU” (Oct. 3, 2019), I wish to comment on the lures and dangers of secular American universities.

Evidence in neuroscience suggests that in the prefontal

Protesting ‘P Is for Palestine’ In Highland Park

Editor’s note: Please see Dr. Horowitz’s pictures in the article about this on page 36.

As you probably know, author Golbarg Bashi, who wrote the book “P Is for Palestine,” was allowed to present her anti-Israel/anti-Semitic book to children at

An Open Letter to Bruce Tucker, Chairman of the Highland Park Library Board

Dear Mr. Tucker,

I am writing to you today to voice my dismay over the decision made by you and your fellow Library Board members to allow Golbarg Bashi, an outspoken supporter of the BDS movement, and author of a book that at best can be described as revisionist and distorted history, to 4-7 year old

Yeshiva Day Schools Take Right, Initial Steps

As a parent, psychotherapist and a former administrator and rebbe at a local yeshiva day school, I am very excited about the “initial” step that our local yeshiva day schools have taken regarding the overuse of technology by our youth and adults.


Israel’s Political System Needs A Change

I admit that I’m not a “maven” in regards to Israel’s political system. However, I strongly believe that the parliamentary system is inadequate for Israel’s security needs. She needs a strong and stable leader who can act decisively in the face of danger without the constant threat of the government being dissolved by one or more

Manners Are Still a Thing

Once again, the Glicks have highlighted an issue that is so obvious and yet so many are unaware of it (“What Happened to the Thank You Note?” September 19, 2019). I agree that the act of writing thank you notes is rapidly disappearing, not to mention the art of how to write a good one. When my mother, a”h, used to