Saturday, March 28, 2020

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More Holocaust Trivialization

In this age when the Holocaust seems to be receding from the memories of both Jewish students and adults, it is refreshing to see a campus that supports a Holocaust study program.

It is inconceivable that barely 70 years after the Shoah, not only are there

Does Hashem Want Us to  Eat Fake Meat?

I enjoyed your article on “fake meat” (“Beyond the Impossible Burger,” by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz, September 12, 2019), but you say nothing about the well-documented negative health consequences of excessive red meat consumption. In addition, you fail to mention a very important reason why these products have become so popular.

Rabbi Gewirtz responds:

Thanks for your passionate letter and the good points you make.

Though people may be opting for plant-based alternatives because of how they believe their choices will impact the environment, I don’t think that is why Hashem put it into the world. Similarly,

Differing Approaches to LGBT

Rabbi Gil Student, in his September 12 column (“On Changing Judaism for LGBT”) discussing Dr. Aaron Koller’s YU Observer piece, makes the simple but necessary point that LGBT Jews are not “the other,” but our children, our siblings

The Truth About Iran

The Obama nuclear deal with Iran provided that nation with billions of dollars. Unfortunately, that money was not used to improve the lives of its citizens, millions of whom are living in increasing poverty. This poverty is caused by a badly managed economy which is made even worse by U.S. sanctions. These sanctions are geared to prevent

Thank You, Sephardic Congregation of Fort Lee

My mom, Freha Elhadad bat Aziza and Shmuel, Zichrona Livracha, passed away on Lamed Heshvan 5779. She was 78 years old.

She was the anchor of my family, always there for us.

She has been gone for almost a year, but the loss and pain are still fresh. We are all still

The Danger of Tunnels

In June of this year, the Israel Defense Forces completed the destruction of the largest and most technically advanced tunnel under its border. The tunnel was dug by Hezbollah, the Iran-backed terrorist group in Lebanon.

This concrete tunnel, reinforced by steel bars, was dug 22 stories deep. The

Lessons Learned From Rav Ozer Glickman, z”l

Dr. Ari Friedman penned a touching tribute to Rav Ozer Glickman, z”l, last week (“Rabbi Ozer Glickman, z”l: Loss, Lessons and Tu B’Av,” August 15, 2019). Dr. Friedman shared some of the benefits he gleaned from the rav-talmid relationship he had with Rav Ozer. Some of us who knew Rav Ozer had the benefit of his greatness in

Why Moshiach Has Not Come: A Misguided Advertisement

I, like so many in our community, enjoy reading The Jewish Link. I appreciate the interesting articles and attractive advertisements. I also enjoy watching my children’s delight as they search for pictures of themselves and their friends in the school/camp section featured toward the end of the paper.

Hiring Nannies

As the summer comes to a close, many families in our community are looking for new childcare arrangements for the upcoming year. I understand well the pressures of hiring a nanny on short notice, and how essential nannies are to families with two working parents. But this past year my family had a devastating experience

We Are Becoming Too Diverse

As I was reading through Rabbi Muskat’s fine article (“Modern Orthodoxy’s Relationship With the Charedi and Open Orthodox Communities,” August 8, 2019) it struck me that I just learned yet another Jewish adjective: “Open Orthodox”—I could decipher some meaning from the context—but underlying it all, it introduced what to me

Missing the Point on Marijuana

I was dismayed and horrified to read Bertha Massoffi’s letter to the editor last week (“Missing the Point on Marijuana,” August 1, 2019) in which she posits that legalizing recreational marijuana is what is best for us as a society. Ironically, she refers to a book authored by a former “New York Times”