Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Vote for Change for Teaneck Board of Education

In an article published last week in The Jewish Link (“Time for Change at the Board of Education: Vote,” October 25, 2018), we identified the need for improved academic achievement and increased fiscal responsibility, the latter supported by an independent third-party consultant who found significant

Anthony Cureton Is the Choice for Bergen County Sheriff

With election day hard upon us, [it is] time to stop procrastinating and start making choices. All the campaigns for offices have been hard at it for months trashing each other. There is one that suddenly appeared on the ballot, that of the office of Bergen County Sheriff.

Making the choice difficult is

In Support of Josh Gottheimer

We feel it is vitally important to re-elect Josh Gottheimer to Congress. Our support for Josh is not only due to his very powerful support of Israel and Jewish issues, but we want you as fellow readers of The Jewish Link to be fully aware of what Josh has actually done in these areas of such great concern to us.

Oppose the Assisted Suicide Bill

A vote to permit assisted suicide in New Jersey is up to a vote on the assembly floor on the 29th of this month. In 2016 the bill passed by one vote (!) and Gov. Christie vetoed it. If it passes this time, Gov. Murphy will sign it into law.

I would like to

Please Don’t Forget Your Divorced Neighbors

I was your neighbor for many years. I was your child’s Little League coach. I was the 10th man at the minyan when there was a snowstorm and you were saying Kaddish. I was the person who handed you a clean plate when there were none at the smorgasbord at the wedding last weekend. I was the woman who let you go ahead of

JInspire Clarifies Ad

Dear Jewish Link Readers,

As you know, JInspire and Project Inspire cater to all Jews across the world.

We run ads in many different kinds of publications and create ads to cater to each of their clientele.

The ad that ran

Guns Have a Purpose

I noted Rabbi Fred Elias’s letter of Oct. 4, (“Gun Ads Don’t Belong Here,” October 4, 2018) taking issue with an ad in The Link for a shooting range. Perhaps, in lieu of rejecting an ad for a legal, constitutionally protected form of recreation that is safer than football or soccer, The Link could simply refer Rabbi Elias to places

The Best Meal of My Life

It has been a few weeks since my article “Mi K’Amcha Yisrael” was published in The Jewish Link. Since its release, the article has generated a lot of positive reactions and I was most impressed by the newspaper’s reach as I received calls from friends living far away who saw the article.

Jewish Literacy and Assimilation

I wish to applaud Dr. Wallace Greene on his recent series of articles on Jewish literacy. They should not be simply forgotten or ignored. The Jewish people are being slaughtered by massive assimilation and intermarriage due to a lack of Jewish education and literacy. Every serious Jew is obligated to do whatever he can to strengthen the

Anti-Semitism Still Plagues College Campuses

The headline story, “US Govt. Takes New Stand Against Campus Anti-Semitism” (October 4, 2018) gives the impression that a great victory has been won in this war. However, I don’t think it’s time to raise the banner “Mission Accomplished” just yet. Anyone who has even a passing interest in campus activities knows that campus

Legalizing Marijuana Is Cause for Concern

As a member of the Highland Park Borough Council, and as the father of two adolescents, I am concerned about the likely legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey and the possibility of marijuana being sold in Highland Park.

There is scientific

Jewish Passivity Encourages Anti-Semites

Your assorted articles in the New Jersey Jewish Link (“U.S. Government Takes New Stance Against Campus Anti-Semitism,” October 4, 2018 and “A Textbook Case of Hatred,” October 4, 2018) concerning rising anti-Semitism in Europe and US universities missed the main reason the world still singles out the