Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Historic Sites Let Families Step Back in Time

With the kids home from camp and a few more weeks to go before school starts, now is a great time to enjoy some of our area’s amazing historic sites. Your kids will have so much fun exploring these outdoor attractions, they might not even realize that they’re spending a summer day learning.

When We Leave Them Behind

For the first time in four years, my husband and I took a trip without our children this summer. We woke up early in the morning to take an Uber to the airport, to fly to LA for a wedding, and although usually I’d scoff at an early flight, because it was just the two of us it seemed like a breeze. It was effortless. I woke up

Five Thrilling Places to Take Your Kids in Israel

When school gets out the fun begins—for kids. For parents, it can be a challenge to find new kid-friendly adventures to take kids on. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas for summer break in Israel that kids will be thrilled about.

  1. Galil

These Walls Have Words

Today, I went to the bathroom and committed the crime of wanting to go in alone. My toddler wanted to enter with me to observe this procedure, to ask questions about it and to help me with the toilet paper, but shockingly, I’d rather not have any spectators or helpers in this arena. He didn’t like this executive decision and in order to show his disapproval, he

The Trending Gap

It was a cold, wintery night and my mother showed up at my house to drop off some packages. As she stepped into the light, I noticed that she was wearing my sister’s old maternity coat, the one that I had put on in my last pregnancy, and my husband admonished me, saying “You’re gonna wear that out?” with such disdain, that I quickly

Sometimes, It’s Too Much to Carry

I can’t remember the last time my kids made me cry, but tonight was a rarity. My son was being too wild and banged his head into my lip and the shock brought tears to my eyes, as the blood trickled from my mouth. I was distressed and went to the bathroom, locking the door behind me, and as I dabbed at my lips, I just let it all

The Invalid Actress

“I think you should come pick up your daughter from school,” the nurse’s voice said over the phone, with some urgency, to my mother. Apparently, I had rolled my eyes back in my head so that only the whites were visible, and my nursery teacher thought I was going to pass out. I wish I could still effectively pull this off, as it would

The Joy of Parenting: Going Back to Basics

Just over eight years ago, I found myself feeling a strange mix of emotions in a situation I had never experienced before. My wife was in labor and about to give birth to our first daughter and I was in the hospital room with her, trying to keep it together so I could “be strong” and supportive.

The Play’s the Thing

If you’re like most people, you probably won’t be seeing Hamilton on Broadway anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean that you need to spend the summer just binge-watching Netflix. Theaters throughout the area have upcoming productions suitable for audiences of all ages, from a bubble extravaganza to

Accepting the Unique Temperament of Your Child

“Each of us shines in a different way, but this doesn’t make our light less bright.”

“Try to see your child as a seed that came in a packet without a label. Your job is to provide the right environment and nutrients and to pull the weeds. You can’t decide what kind of flower you’ll get or in which season
it will

A Million Milestones Until the End

We are cutting my baby boy’s hair soon, because we are shortly arriving at his third birthday. I am worried this means I may no longer be able to call him a baby anymore, but my backup plan is that I will never toilet train him, and so he will have to be a baby forever. This may wreak havoc on his social life, but that will be his future

More Than Just the Title: ‘Dad’

A father’s role in child raising is not only crucial for child development but is also transformative for men themselves.

In a world where family structure and cultural expectations are in flux, men are etching out a clearer picture of what it means to be a father in the 21st