Monday, January 21, 2019

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Think All Kids Are Sporty? Think Again.

If there’s one thing I learned from my time in elementary school, it’s that kids are expected to love running around and playing sports. If you don’t…then you’re weird. The school I attended was pretty good at providing the students with a healthy number of opportunities for physical activity, but I was just one

Talking to God

Two summers ago, I participated in the Elaine Breslow Institute educator’s immersion program at Beit T’Shuvah, a Jewish addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles. Beit T’Shuvah integrates Jewish study, the 12 Steps, and clinical and medical techniques to address the process of recovery. I approached the new experience as

Money Well Spent

The last six years of her life, my Aunt Rose was mostly homebound. At home she used an oxygen concentrator, and on the rare occasion that she did venture out, it was with an oxygen tank on a cart, which she jokingly referred to as her doggy on its leash. She was sharp as a whip, and despite her many medical issues, she tried to

The Soul of Parenting: Are Our Kids Passionate About Shabbat?

Rabbi Goldmintz’s young grandson was seriously injured just before Sukkot and needs your tefillot. Please daven for Aharon Meir ben Yael Miriam. This article is dedicated in the merit of his refuah shelaima.

(Reprinted with permission from OU.org) How different is Shabbat from any other day of

Surviving a Play Date

Dear Therapists,

I remember as a child spending hours playing with my friends either at their houses or at my house. Every time I try to arrange a play date for my son, it turns into a disaster. My son either spends most of the time protecting his toys or he becomes aggressive. Having Shabbos

Write on, Juliet!

The Torah specifically instructs us to “honor the elderly” (Leviticus 19:32): “…every old person is regarded as having a special wisdom that comes with life experience” (Aish.com).

My cousin Juliet celebrated her 105th birthday last month

To Zev’s HASC Counselors

(Editor’s Note: The letter below was written last week by Dena Kinderlehrer, the wife of JLNJ Co-Publisher and Founder Moshe Kinderlehrer. It was presented to the counselors last Friday before HASC ended and we have decided to reprint it here. The Kinderlehrers have a 17-year-old son, Zev, who has attended HASC for the past six

Separation Anxiety and Back-to-School: Why You Should Do Something About It

I never gave separation anxiety that much thought until I dropped off my young son for the first time at preschool many years ago. The school had mentioned it at parent orientation and there was a handout about separation anxiety included with a lot of other information in the big packet that I took home. It didn’t seem like it

My Cousin Philip, a Vietnam Vet and the Power of Prayer

This story is an ongoing email correspondence beginning with my cousin Philip’s comments to me about a Vietnam veteran whom I knew many years ago.

Cousin David,

After I read what you wrote here about that vet, I can see you were a true friend to that soldier, giving

When the Community Becomes Extended Family

Before Hadassa Bogomilsky headed off to camp in Montreal, we spent a fun-filled afternoon together. The 13-year-old daughter of my rabbi from the Maplewood Jewish Center-Congregation Beth Ephraim had just finished her school year and I had just sent off one of my family newsletters. We were both in the mood to celebrate.

Summer Vacation Tips From a Travel-Weary Mom

Vacation season is upon us and I’ve learned one major truth as a parent: When your children are happy and enjoying themselves, you will be happy and enjoy yourself. This is true whether you travel by car, plane, bus or boat, or visit the seashore, mountains, Israel or anywhere else.

It is tempting to

The Centrality of Teshuva

This month’s article was written by Rabbi Igael Gurin-Malous, director of spiritual counseling at Beit T’shuvah and the executive director of the new T’shuvah Center in NYC.

Pain. Loss. Grief. Fear. Longing. Heartache. Sadness. These are the experiences of life, and every person must