Saturday, January 25, 2020

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Shomrei Torah Table Tennis Winners Raise Funds For Bergen County Yeshivas

It’s the Thought That Counts and Keeps on Giving

L’Dor V’Dor. When my son married recently in Cleveland, incorporated into the ceremony were the usual memories and keepsakes of the family now departed. Our son Judd carries his name in memory of my father’s youngest brother Jerome. My Uncle Jerome, in turn, had been named for my grandmother’s father Yehudah Hersh.

Just Hang Up

You are sitting at home relaxing and the phone rings. The number on caller ID doesn’t look familiar, but you answer it anyway. The caller says that since you have Medicare, you can get a free knee or back brace or some type of medication for your health problem. All you need to do is give the caller a little information. What do you do?

Nichum Aveilim: Comforting the Mourners

As some of the readers may know, our family lost our beloved son, Eric Eliezer Levenson (z”l), a year and a half ago. Because we believe it is important, and may be beneficial to others, to be open about the cause of his death, that he took his own life at the age of 28 after 14 years of suffering from severe depression, a number of

The Timeline You Should Expect From Different Types of Tutoring

When planning to hire a tutor, timing is crucial.

Experienced tutors know that the timeline will be different for ongoing academic tutoring, for a specific academic project or for test prep. So let’s take a look at the ideal timing for these three distinct areas.

Running Past and Present

Around two and a half years ago, I started running. I had never exercised a day in my life. It felt draining and boring, and I didn’t think I needed it. I hated to sweat. I didn’t like to exert myself. I wasn’t good at it. The list of excuses was lengthy. But then, after a series of endless viruses and illnesses passed around

Makor Disability Residents Celebrate Chanukah at YI of Midwood

Makor Disability Residents gathered at the YI of Midwood for an annual Chanukah Bash. Residents from 34 homes had a lively celebration with music and dancing thanks to sponsor Omni Managed Health, Inc. Everyone received a surprise gift from Junee.


Furthering the Discussion on Drug Use

As the beginning of the school year is behind us and our children have either returned to their familiar school environment or have begun a new journey, I would like to further the conversation about drug use. I strongly urge us to recognize that it is not acceptable to shy away from this rampant problem. Drug use is real and it

Skip the L’chaim! To Life!

This past summer, three Jewish women in Essex County got together to shine a light on the issues of substance abuse, addiction and mental health within the Jewish community.

With the support of a number of Jewish community agencies, foundations and individuals, we were able to expose

A Labor of Love: How Three Women Helped the Community Look Addiction in the Face

Last week, “Freedom Song: The Musical” was performed at the JCC of MetroWest in West Orange and at Temple Emanu-El in Westfield. Freedom Song is a powerful, personal musical written and performed by recovering addicts who found their recovery at Beit T’Shuvah, the only Jewish faith-based residential recovery facility in the

Sensory Benefits Behind Taking a Hike With the Kids This Fall

We are currently struggling with the age of digital technology that has captured our kids’ attention perhaps a bit too much. Taking a hike helps teach kids to concentrate on only one thing. They are bombarded with distractions; everything is calling for your child’s attention. At this rate, the ability to concentrate will

Building Social Skills One Step at a Time With Friendship Solutions LLC

As parents, we all want for our kids the best that life can offer. We want our children to succeed, feel protected and to have a sense of belonging. For some children and teens, finding “their place” among their peers can be challenging. They may experience challenges in a wide range of social settings, including family gatherings, school, camp etc. And as parents,