Saturday, February 29, 2020

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Furthering the Discussion on Drug Use

As the beginning of the school year is behind us and our children have either returned to their familiar school environment or have begun a new journey, I would like to further the conversation about drug use. I strongly urge us to recognize that it is not acceptable to shy away from this rampant problem. Drug use is real and it

Skip the L’chaim! To Life!

This past summer, three Jewish women in Essex County got together to shine a light on the issues of substance abuse, addiction and mental health within the Jewish community.

With the support of a number of Jewish community agencies, foundations and individuals, we were able to expose

A Labor of Love: How Three Women Helped the Community Look Addiction in the Face

Last week, “Freedom Song: The Musical” was performed at the JCC of MetroWest in West Orange and at Temple Emanu-El in Westfield. Freedom Song is a powerful, personal musical written and performed by recovering addicts who found their recovery at Beit T’Shuvah, the only Jewish faith-based residential recovery facility in the

Sensory Benefits Behind Taking a Hike With the Kids This Fall

We are currently struggling with the age of digital technology that has captured our kids’ attention perhaps a bit too much. Taking a hike helps teach kids to concentrate on only one thing. They are bombarded with distractions; everything is calling for your child’s attention. At this rate, the ability to concentrate will

Building Social Skills One Step at a Time With Friendship Solutions LLC

As parents, we all want for our kids the best that life can offer. We want our children to succeed, feel protected and to have a sense of belonging. For some children and teens, finding “their place” among their peers can be challenging. They may experience challenges in a wide range of social settings, including family gatherings, school, camp etc. And as parents,

The SAT Subject Tests: What Are They? Do They Matter?

For college-bound students, junior year in high school is packed with challenges. It’s the most important year in terms of academics. It’s when you take the SAT or ACT, when you start putting together your college list, and when you are likely hitting your peak in whatever sports or extracurricular activities you’re involved in. In

Should I Use a Tutor During the College Admissions Process?

I have worked with students of all levels and abilities all over New York and Bergen County over the past 10 years, and have dealt with every conceivable issue students face with their college admissions exams.

Taking the stress out of test preparation for students and their families is a major priority

Carpool Love From a Former Hater

Before I begin, let me just clarify that my use of “carpool” in the title might be misleading. I do not mean driving other peoples’ kids. I mean just driving my own to school, which, I guess would technically be a carpool with myself, but I only refer to it as such because the schools divide the kids according to “bus”

A Fib About One’s Age Does Not Necessarily a Liar Make

I’m 47 years old and divorced for three years. After about a year of being single again, I decided I was ready to meet someone new, but somehow really wasn’t being set up very much, and when I was set up, it was never with anyone that seemed right to me. After hearing this advice from a number of people, I decided to try

Hundreds in the Community Attend Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Open House

Hundreds of people from all over Bergen County gathered at the JCC for its annual Open House on Sunday, September 10, where new and prospective members toured the facility, swam in the pools, worked out in the adult and youth fitness centers, attended sample classes and met with JCC staff to learn about all the

100 Ways to Improve Your SAT Score

(Courtesy of Noodle Pros) Don’t get stressed out or overwhelmed by the SAT. We have compiled a list of 100 tips to help you do your best come test day.

During the SAT

  1. Slow down and work for accuracy. Speed kills on the SAT. You

Cord Blood: A Healthy Resolution for the New Year

(Courtesy of Maze Cord Blood) For many soon-to-be parents, the prospect of a new year is a stressful yet exciting time. And, like with all new parents, along with a new baby comes concerns for the newborn’s health. With Rosh Hashanah upon us, the entire Jewish community is praying for a happy and healthy new year. So,