Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Give a Little Time

Part I of II

Fall is officially in full swing: the leaves are changing color, the apple orchards are bustling and pumpkin spice is popping up in everything. For Jewish families coming off the holiday season, the fall is also a time spent gathering with family

The Power of Compromise

Relationships, whether familial, platonic or romantic in nature, are made up of many moving parts. One of the most essential of these parts is compromise. However, when two people differ in opinion about something, they may find it hard to have a positive and beneficial conversation. Often when this occurs both parties tend to lose sight of what really matters most,

Babba Sali

The portrait of the Babba Sali, a famous Moroccan kabbalist who died in the early 1980s, came to us by way of a family member had been was storing (i.e., getting rid of) some items in our home for some time. When we moved, accidentally that box got opened and the picture was put up simultaneously with our family pictures, the giant

The World Is Your Classroom

School is back in session and no matter how old your children are—from the youngest preschoolers to college students—everyone has something that sparks their interest (even if they hate to admit it!). No matter what your child’s favorite subject is, educational experiences outside the classroom are never far away.

For the science lover…

If you

A Boy and His Puppy

When my son Liad is hurt, he asks for Puppy, his small dalmatian-like lovey, with a little doggy head. When he finishes up a tantrum? Puppy soothes him, as he sucks away at his fingers. Bad day? Puppy to the rescue. Mid-day tired spell? Puppy is like a dose of caffeine. Intense boredom in a long airplane ride? Puppy is by his side to entertain him. Exhausted in the

Historic Sites Let Families Step Back in Time

With the kids home from camp and a few more weeks to go before school starts, now is a great time to enjoy some of our area’s amazing historic sites. Your kids will have so much fun exploring these outdoor attractions, they might not even realize that they’re spending a summer day learning.

When We Leave Them Behind

For the first time in four years, my husband and I took a trip without our children this summer. We woke up early in the morning to take an Uber to the airport, to fly to LA for a wedding, and although usually I’d scoff at an early flight, because it was just the two of us it seemed like a breeze. It was effortless. I woke up

Five Thrilling Places to Take Your Kids in Israel

When school gets out the fun begins—for kids. For parents, it can be a challenge to find new kid-friendly adventures to take kids on. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas for summer break in Israel that kids will be thrilled about.

  1. Galil

These Walls Have Words

Today, I went to the bathroom and committed the crime of wanting to go in alone. My toddler wanted to enter with me to observe this procedure, to ask questions about it and to help me with the toilet paper, but shockingly, I’d rather not have any spectators or helpers in this arena. He didn’t like this executive decision and in order to show his disapproval, he

The Trending Gap

It was a cold, wintery night and my mother showed up at my house to drop off some packages. As she stepped into the light, I noticed that she was wearing my sister’s old maternity coat, the one that I had put on in my last pregnancy, and my husband admonished me, saying “You’re gonna wear that out?” with such disdain, that I quickly

Sometimes, It’s Too Much to Carry

I can’t remember the last time my kids made me cry, but tonight was a rarity. My son was being too wild and banged his head into my lip and the shock brought tears to my eyes, as the blood trickled from my mouth. I was distressed and went to the bathroom, locking the door behind me, and as I dabbed at my lips, I just let it all

The Invalid Actress

“I think you should come pick up your daughter from school,” the nurse’s voice said over the phone, with some urgency, to my mother. Apparently, I had rolled my eyes back in my head so that only the whites were visible, and my nursery teacher thought I was going to pass out. I wish I could still effectively pull this off, as it would