Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Visiting Day: Friend or Foe?

The lazy, hazy days of summer are finally here. You are beginning to actually relax and recuperate from last week’s frenzy of shopping, labeling and packing off the bigger kids to camp. You have the bus schedules for day camp down pat, and a new summer routine has developed. Your fourth grader has surprisingly shown how much she is

You Can Relax

I shove a banana into his knapsack as I rush my son out the door.

“You’ll eat in the car. It’s time to go! We are going to be late!” My words tumble out as I race to the car.

It’s Monday morning and the week is off to a stressful start.

Jewish Values: A Path to Conscious Uncoupling

A marriage that ends in divorce, which causes even the altar in the Holy Temple to shed tears (Gittin 90b), is an unfortunate and disruptive event not only for the individuals involved, but also for their friends, families and community. Still, if divorce is the inescapable route that a couple must take, the Torah recognizes this

Sharing Your Story Can Save a Life

My cousin Judy Krasna is an amazing woman. Her 20-something daughter has been suffering from a debilitating eating disorder for many years now. In addition to helping her daughter receive the best medical and psychological help she can get, Judy has a blog on parenting a child with an eating disorder. Many of us, when faced with

Mishpocheh Newsletter Binds Family

The month of June evokes family time. With weddings, graduations and parties galore, there is so much to celebrate and share with extended family. It’s also the season preceded by the parsha where Moshe Rabbeinu was commanded to take a census of our people.

That strikes a very special chord

Doing What’s Right for Your Child, Even When It Hurts

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, we are obligated to make very difficult decisions regarding our children. Sometimes, even the best intentions and incredible love we have for our children are not enough to help them seek help for themselves. At that point, it is sometimes

Picky Eaters, Allergies and Dietary Restrictions at Camp Mesorah

The atmosphere in the dining room is electric. High energy, positive vibes and fabulous music all nourish the campers’ souls while they are also happily nourishing their bodies. It is a place where I encourage the campers to go outside their comfort zones and taste new foods or even choose foods they

An Unforgettable Day in Brooklyn

This past Sunday, the Torah Champs experienced the best of Jewish Brooklyn. The full-day trip was packed with hands-on experiential learning, delicious food and thrilling amusement rides. Torah Champs, with over 100 participants—fourth- and fifth-grade boys and girls attending Yeshivat Noam, Yavneh Academy,

Pediatric Physical Therapy for Gross Motor Delays, Ages 0-3

The following are the questions you should ask yourself about the help your child is receiving in physical therapy.

  1. 1. Does he enjoy the sessions?
  2. 2. Does he cry when the therapist appears?
  3. 3. Is there carryover at home, meaning does the therapist give you concrete

Friendship Circle of Bergen County 2018 Volunteer Celebration


It was many Passovers ago, 10 to be exact, when I was a young mom of two toddlers. My oldest was 2 1/2, imaginative and playful, and my youngest was 1 year old, strong willed, determined and walking way before any of his siblings ever did. We were spending the holiday in Florida with our extended family, revisiting our old

A Familial Love Affair

Speaking with my cousin Lois gives me that warm-all-over feeling. After many years, I reached out and found my long-lost older female cousin. Our mothers were each the firstborn of our grandfather’s fruitful marriages. To make a long story short, I always knew that she existed, yet we were living in parallel universes.