Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Since April showers bring May flowers, it would be a shame to let the next few weeks pass by without visiting some of our area’s most beautiful flower gardens.

Frelinghuysen Arboretum

With beautiful gardens, open fields, woodlands and

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services (POTS) Adds New Programs and Services

Teaneck—Every parent of a child who needs intervention knows the search that goes into finding the right match with a therapist, facility, schedule and anything else that goes into making the decision as smooth as possible. Since 1991 Chaye Lamm Warburg and her team of skilled therapists have brought their expertise,

Anti Social Media

“My friends went to Free Cone Day and didn’t invite me!” a child of mine complained one day after school, briefly having checked in on a social media site. I knew it was Free Cone Day, but didn’t publicize that fact to my kids because I didn’t really want to wait in a super-long line to get ice cream when we already had

Besides Racing, Why Go to Pocono Raceway?

The challenge of finding entertainment that is appropriate for children of different ages and affordable for large families is a topic that comes up frequently when groups of parents gather together. For the last several summers, my son Eli and I have traveled to the Pocono Raceway, which is less than a two-hour drive from

Oh, the Ways You Can Go

To most adults, transportation is merely a way to get from here to there. But when seen through the eyes of a child, every plane, train and automobile is the source of endless wonder and excitement. If you have a transportation enthusiast in your life, you will want to visit the JCC of Central New Jersey’s Touch

A Novel Approach to Stress

Stress is a universal experience. Each one of us has experienced or may presently be experiencing some sort of stress. Stress can be the result of anything from everyday stressors, such as working long hours, sitting in traffic, caring for young children or aging parents and paying bills to more dramatic, additional stressors, such

Gratuity Books

Every night, before my kids drift off, I lie down with each of them for three minutes. They look forward to this sacred time, the opportunity to have my undivided attention, the physical closeness, that cradles them into sleep. Sometimes we talk about the day, play a game or read together, but other times, I mistakenly use

Mommy, You’re Beautiful

One evening, while rushing to get ready to go to an after-school performance, I was touching up on my makeup so that I wouldn’t appear to be a disheveled housewife. My 4-year-old son looked at me, clearly not recognizing who I was, and said, “Mommy, you’re so beautiful!” I couldn’t resist reaching down to hug

Art Is in the Eye of the Beholder

When your children think about art, do they imagine standing in a museum, staring at a portrait that pre-dates cameras (let alone selfies)? Now more than ever, the forms that art takes and the media used to create it are seemingly endless. Why not seize an opportunity to teach our children how many ways there are

Waze to Test Your Faith

Last weekend, I decided to make the trek out to my parents in West Hempstead for Shabbat because my husband was away in Chicago. Since I am a baby who doesn’t like staying alone on Friday night without having another adult around for moral support, I always invite myself and the kids out to various relatives. This time, it was to

Bless This Mess

Even though we’re 30 days before Pesach, this article is not about Pesach cleaning. Rather, it’s about a little housekeeping of our own minds. You see, quite often we imagine things to be problems that aren’t really problems, and with a little practice we can keep a clear mind.

Where Are Your Pictures?

“Where are my pictures?” my daughter asked me one day. “What pictures?” I asked. “Well, I can see pictures of me until I’m about 10, then everything stops.” Yep, that’s about the time we went digital, and we stopped printing out all of our pictures.

With film,