Friday, September 20, 2019

A new kind of children’s store will open its doors in the coming days, and Elisha Berkowitz can’t wait to bring her unique style of kid fashion to Teaneck.

With a family background in apparel and retail, Berkowitz grew up in the fashion world. Her first job was in retail at age 17, and after graduating from FIT she became a buyer for Century 21 department stores. Once she had her first daughter, Grace, she started working in stores that she often hung out in to buy clothes for her own child.

Her background in fashion was very much a part of everything she did, and she always enjoyed finding a specific style for her children’s clothing by mixing and matching. Often strangers would stop her to ask where she found a particular outfit for her children. Many friends ended up asking her to do the shopping and buying for their own children, having admired the clothing she chose for her own family.

When the Berkowitz family moved from the Upper West Side to Englewood, Elisha felt that the time had come to open her own store. “The store is opening now, but the idea has been in the works for a while,” she said.

Combining the names of her daughters, she named the store Gigi & Lo. Gigi for her daughter Grace, and Lo for her daughter Harlow, who is named after her father, Howard. “The store is dedicated to my father who raised me in this business and passed away suddenly seven years ago,” said Berkowitz.

Berkowitz did her research and made sure to find brands that were not already carried in the area. Her taste in children’s clothing follows the European styles, and much of the apparel she carries is in that fashion. Gigi & Lo will carry clothing from baby up to size 10/12 for boys and girls. “I really want to bring fine clothes at the lowest price possible to the community,” she said.

The specific brands Berkowitz will carry in the store may change slightly from season to season. The store’s current stock includes knit baby sets from Marina Cabrera, adorable girl’s dresses from Question Everything, Babidu and Italian brand Baroni Firenze. The current on order brands include BonTon and Velveteen, both high-end quality brands, as well as Mayoral and Louise Louis. For baby gear, Gigi & Lo will carry Mari Mari baby accessories, including adorable pacifiers; Angel Dear lovies and super soft hoodies. Berkowitz also has knit two-piece and three-piece basic sets that make a perfect baby present or even a bris outfit. “All these brands are brands I am not only familiar with, but are favorites with my children,” said Berkowitz. When choosing to stock the popular Angel Dear soft hoodie, she explained, “My family lives in these hoodies so I wanted to bring it to the store with my other favorite things.” Berkowitz also added a personalization bar in the back area that will sell tees, tanks and custom pajamas.

Gigi & Lo is located at 1445 Queen Anne Road in Teaneck and can be reached at [email protected] or 201-817-8700. Make sure to follow @gigiandlo on Instagram for all the latest updates on brands, fashion and store hours.

By Jenny Gans