Friday, September 20, 2019

Putting together a trendy and modest ensemble is possible, but time consuming. Looking for the perfect item means scouring websites, checking skirt length inches online (if they are even posted) and then going through the same process for the next item you need. Though many of the popular brands have their own sites, Modestiq is doing all the hard work and bringing them all to one location so customers can waltz over to the website and find all the clothing they need, literally at their fingertips.

Modestiq (www.modestiq.com ) is a website that combines online stores with modest clothing from a broad range of designers to allow for a seamless, online one-stop shopping experience. With well known brands such as Pashmina, Tal New York and House of Lancry all in one place, customers can go directly to the Modestiq website and find anything from simcha gowns to accessories. In addition to the popular name brands everyone is already familiar with, Modestiq also carries newer lines with exciting fashions that really are piquing shopper’s interest. The feedback on promoting these “finds” has been overwhelmingly positive! From the day Modestiq’s website went up, customers have responded enthusiastically. From the day Modestiq’s website went up, customers have responded enthusiastically. The site’s reach spans the country, serving all demographics in search of easy access to a more modest wardrobe, with orders coming in from Miami, California, Chicago and many places in between.

Apart from the obvious benefit of the convenience of having many apparel items in one location, Modestiq also brings the customer the benefit of their relationships with manufacturers. Often manufacturers will reach out to Modestiq to inform them of a variation in, or special circumstance with, their clothing. For instance, if an item runs smaller or bigger than expected, they will let Modestiq know so that shoppers can have an informed buying experience.

The Modestiq experience is one that prioritizes customer service. Even their easy free shipping and free returns allows for a risk-free shopping experience. Their customer support is available to answer many questions about the process and more often than not find themselves acting as an impromptu stylist as shoppers ask questions about colors, lengths, styles and other fashion details. In an effort to cater to the broad range of customers, Modestiq not only carries different styles, but even variations of the same style within their inventory. The same skirt can have multiple options for length, so everyone can feel comfortable and find their perfect skirt.

The fashion and the inventory sell themselves, and customers keep returning after multiple positive experiences.

For the convenience of having a modest fashion boutique from the comfort of your home, follow @modestiq_official on Instagram or visit www.modestiq.com. Check back daily since new inventory is constantly added. For further questions call 888-815-7321 or email [email protected].

By Jenny Gans