Friday, September 20, 2019

The number-one hottest-selling wig this season will be the pony wig. These wigs are becoming so popular that wig manufacturers cannot produce them fast enough, wig suppliers sell out of them as soon as they get them, and sheitel machers are asking for more, more, more! They are literally flying off the shelves, and many sheitel machers have a waiting list for clients who ordered them.

Not only are pony wigs so stylish, they are by far the most comfortable and lightweight wigs to wear. Pony wigs differ from normal wigs in a few ways. The bottom few wefts near the nape of the neck are sewn upward so that the hair flows smoothly into a ponytail. The wefts of pony wigs that are able to be worn into an extremely high pony are sewn in a circular shape so that you can easily gather all the hair into a high pony with minimal effort. They typically are made with less hair so they have a thinner appearance and look less bulky around the cap area when the hair is pulled back. This also allows for the actual ponytail to be thin and lightweight. Some companies use lower-quality hair on their pony wigs since the sheitel is styled with the hair pulled back, so there is no need for the wig to be made of the most expensive hair, which anyways is not seen. These factors allow for lower pricing of the pony wig, making it affordable enough to be your second wig.

These wigs will be a lifesaver once the summer heat kicks in. With all the hair pulled stylishly back and off your neck, you will be kept cool all summer long. (They are also super helpful for the winter as they avoid all the knotting and tangling that happens so often with the winter coats.) Currently, there are so many different styles in which the pony wigs can be worn. There is the pony wig that is worn with headbands, the pony wig worn with bangs and the pony wig worn with one’s hair pulled back. Sleek, short ponytails, long bouncy ponytails with waves, buns, updos, ponies with attached bows and ribbons along with all sorts of hair jewelry and bling pins will be seen everywhere this season.

When I sampled the pony wig I could not believe how comfortable it really is. I mostly wear my pony with bangs, which makes it super easy to throw on, as I am no longer taking the time to worry about blending the front wig line. I keep it casual and wear it while running into Cedar Market, dress it up, making it a bit neater and classier for date night, and I am even able to give it a more sophisticated and dressier look to wear at weddings. I live in my pony wig, and once you get one so will you!

 By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.