Monday, May 20, 2019

Tamar Hersko incorporates essential oils as part of a wellness approach for women. (Credit: @Tallulah_Active)

Comfortable and stylish activewear—that’s what Tallulah aims for. (Credit: @Tallulah_Active)

Like many stories, Tamar Hersko’s started with a passing interest, which turned into a passion and eventually a business.

Hersko had worked in retail and also in fashion. During her 10 years as a personal trainer with a wellness approach, she noticed that activewear, which is meant to make women feel comfortable, actually left women feeling the opposite.

“Exercise and fitness can be a self-conscious experience,” said Hersko. “I wanted to create a place of acceptance that brings women together in a non-judgmental zone… I love fashion and fitness and the main ideas for both should be about how it empowers you from the inside out.”

This sentiment was the inspiration for her drive to bring comfortable activewear to Bergen County.

“It’s so important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. You can tell when someone doesn’t feel good in what they wear,” said Hersko. “You may not be wearing anything fancy, but if it feels authentic, and it feels ‘you,’ your confidence automatically makes you the most beautiful woman in the room.” Hersko also added one of her mantras: “Fashion never lies when it’s lying on you.”

Naming her activewear business Tallulah, meaning women of abundance, was a reference to the immense strength and generosity women have to give. When Hersko opened up a pop-up boutique in the Party Plaza building, she could not believe the positive response from the community.

“Growing organically has been really important,” she said. “So far word of mouth has proven to be successful for Tallulah.”

As part of her approach to overall wellness, Hersko also began learning about essential oils and their role in health and wellness. Hersko is excited to add the essential oils piece to her repertoire and is looking forward to educating customers about them. She feels this resonates with her goal to make the shop not just about fashion, but about feeling good.

Just in case Hersko wasn’t busy enough, running her personal training business, educating customers in the uses of essential oils and having a successful retail location, she also wanted to have an impact on the community. Her model is about being inclusive, and her goal was to enable everyone to afford brand name items.

Thanks to a colleague, Deborah Friedman, who worked at the activewear company I Heart Athletics, she was connected to Mike Dube, known for many things including his selfless Sharing Seats charitable organization. Sharing Seats distributes live-event tickets to children overcoming illness or adversity. When facing the harsh realities of a life marked by debilitating illness or rough daily struggles, the opportunity of spending a few hours at an event could relieve pain and suffering that a child can draw upon to muster the strength and resolve needed. “Mike Dube and I share similar goals of fitness, education and giving,” said Hersko. This was the final piece she was in search of for her business.

“Get rewarded to clean out your closet,” is the message Tallulah wants customers to hear. Receiving donations of lightly worn or mint condition brand name activewear, Tallulah will resell these items at a discount for a special charity event. Customers who donate their clothes will be rewarded with a special Tallulah discount for future purchases. A portion of the proceeds will go to Sharing Seats.

“This partnership has everything,” said Hersko. “Great brand name fitness clothing curated at moderate prices, a warm boutique shopping environment and the chance to do good for others.”

Follow Tamar Hersko’s Instagram account @Tallulah_Active to stay up to date with her fitness clothing and the upcoming Sharing Seats fundraiser.

By Jenny Gans