Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Petit Chic Caters to Everyone’s Fashion Needs and Budgets

Bergenfield—As the Jewish community expands, vendors have responded in kind to cater to local needs. Supermarkets stock novelty seasonal kosher items; even Amazing Savings is meeting the need of the growing communities. Gone are the days where shoppers need to travel to Monsey and Passaic or, for the very daring, Brooklyn for their Judaic needs. Dassie Fuchs saw this

Fall Fashions Blend Style and Ease as ‘Cozy Chic’ Moves In

Teaneck—Comfort or fashion? Fashion or comfort? For centuries, the style-conscious has had to make a choice. If they want to look good, they need to sacrifice feeling good. Over the past few years, however, a shift in fashion has taken place. True, anyone can open a fashion magazine or star-studded event and see painful-looking ensembles, but it has become

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wig

It’s that time of year again. Pre-Yom Tov wig-sale ads will soon be popping up everywhere. Even for those who have been covering their hair for years, walking into one of these sales and seeing hundreds of wigs piled up on tables can be extremely overwhelming. The following wig-buying guide

Simple Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine

(StatePoint) Although beauty secrets are often kept confidential, some are willing to pass on their tips to help others update their beauty routine.

Here are some beauty tips from the discount experts at Dollar General to help you look healthy, revitalized and ready for any special

Livingston Designer of Adaptive Clothing Takes First Trip to Israel

If you asked Livingston mom Mindy Scheier to describe herself a few years ago, she might have emphasized that she was a fashion designer. Then she would tell you about how she became the founder of Runway of Dreams, an organization that develops adaptive, stylish clothes for children

Living on the Fringe...of Fashion

Looking to add a touch of something whimsical to your spring wardrobe? Fringe fever took the fashion world by storm last year and looks like it is sticking around as a wardrobe staple. “At this point, I wouldn’t even say that fringe is a trend,” explained Rachel Riss, of the

Fashion Tips From a Top TV Costume Designer

StatePoint—Whether you’re at work or on the town, you want your clothes to look their best. However, limited time and money can pose challenges to building and maintaining a great wardrobe.

Dan Lawson, costume designer for “The Good Wife” on CBS, offers the following

Walking the (Hem)line

Anyone watching the fashion scene surely takes note of a very noticeable fact: Trends come and go, and eventually tend to come back. The 1920s dresses were unique in its day—with handkerchief hems and designs that were shorter in front and longer in the back—but “what’s old is new

Hot Hair-Color Trends for Summer 2016

Looking to update your hair or wig? Color is a great way to do so and 2016 is all about rich, warm colors. For brunettes, think tones of milk to dark chocolate—delicious! There is a new color called bronde (as one would expect, it’s a combo of brown and blond)—which is all the rage

HydroChic Provides Stylish and Modest Swimwear for Girls

New Rochelle—Parents of young girls ages 5–14 who want their kids to look chic in swimwear but want more coverage choices should look no further than HydroChic (www.hydrochic.com), the swim and activewear company that offers more modest styling options for young girls, as well as missy

Top Jewish Fashionistas to Arrive in Israel on Premier Delegation

Jerusalem—Thirty-five Jewish women from around the world who are also fashion industry mavens will be experiencing the journey of a lifetime this month, seeing Israel beyond the headlines while connecting with Israel’s fashion leaders.

The special delegation, July

Kosher Casual Meets the Demand for Modest Clothing

Peruse the pages of fashion magazines or comb through racks in clothing stores and you’re sure to see lots of lovely outfits you can’t wear. Hems too high. Necklines too low. Sleeves? Well, in the summer you can’t even find them. But an Israeli company is meeting the demand for clothing that covers all the