Friday, December 14, 2018

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The ’90s Called—They Want Their Shoes Back

Shoe spending in the United States is a $48 billion industry annually, and obviously women have the largest share in that, though men are definitely catching up. According to data compiled by Global Industry Analysts, the average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes, but wears only three on a regular

Effortless Hair Trends That Will Blow You Away (Without Needing a Blow-Out)

Remember the days when we had to spend two agonizing hours (at least) locked in the bathroom with a war zone of hair products, just to look decently put together enough to make it out to the store? Well, ladies, our time has come. It’s no secret that the biggest supermodels in the

Emporio Shares Shoe Tips

Correct Fit

  1. Dress shoes should fit perfectly the first time you try them on. If they don’t, they’ll never fit. Leather, especially in dress shoes, will stretch very, very little, so “working in” a pair of dress shoes is not going to happen and will be a

Iris Huertas Goes to Great Lengths for Customers

Everyone knows where to go if they need a haircut or a quick blow dry. But when hair needs are not so specific, and possibly a little uncomfortable to discuss, no one knows where to go, and they are hesitant to ask around. Iris Huertas has been providing sensitive and dignified hair experiences for 20 years, with

Private Eyewear: The Optician That Comes to You

Michael Leff is an optician with a vision (pun intended). He knows the process people go through to find glasses, and is looking to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Now, as Private Eyewear’s traveling optician, he hopes to do just that.

Anyone who has shopped for frames

Ravis Custom Tailors Offers Handmade, Shatnez-Free Custom Suits at Affordable Prices

Everyone has heard that “clothes make the man.” But what about when clothes are actually “made for the man (or woman)?” Ravis Custom Tailors has been doing just that for over three generations in Thailand. With all these years of experience, they

Cufflinks and Socks and Ties, Oh My! A Look Into Men’s Accessories

“Don’t forget about fashion for men,” has been a comment made by Jewish Link readers. “We really like to look good but may need some help.” With that thought in mind, the Fashion Link presents a collection of fashion advice geared directly to the stylish men of New

Swapping a Suit Jacket for a Sweater

The temperature is slowly falling, and summer suits are getting swapped out for the winter ones. Now different types of clothing options open up, and one of the biggest trends you’ll see when the temperature dips is sweaters and sweater vests replacing a suit jacket. If you’re thinking about changing your wardrobe up as well,

Emporio’s Tips to Extend Suit Life

This time of year suits can take a beating. All day in shul on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, outside in the Sukkah, and constant wear. Emporio offered some tips to extend the life of a suit, and keep it looking clean even over a long holiday.

  1. Don’t wear the same suit (or pants)

How to Dress for the Changing Weather

This year the chagim are all later than usual. While families face the logistics of figuring out when to put up the sukkah, having Sukkot begin further into fall also means different wardrobe concerns. Since it is not quite the coolness of deep autumn, but definitely not a warm, late-summer

Oldies but Goodies: Vintage Clothing Is the Latest Style


Perhaps they sat in the closet for decades, forgotten or unwanted. But outfits that had their day in the sun are coming back from behind clouds of obscurity. From luxurious cashmeres to breezy linens, vintage clothing from one person’s past is becoming become the newest star of another person’s wardrobe. Zoë

Hair Contouring: Why It’s the Highlight of the Season

When we hear the word “contouring,” we usually think about facial contouring, the art of applying makeup so we can create false bone structure. For reasons obviously self explained, this phenomenon has become extremely popular with pretty much everyone. Why not make ourselves look