Thursday, September 21, 2017

As our parents and loved ones age, we are often torn between keeping them safe and healthy on the one hand, while affording them their independence, privacy and dignity on the other. We live busy lives, raising families, carrying on professions, and participating in our communities socially. Add to this the care and attention often needed by our aging loved ones. How can we do it all, and how can we not?

The BeThere24 alert and monitoring system consists of wireless, non-intrusive and non-wearable sensors discreetly placed throughout the home. The system tracks routines and activities of the client, intuitively scoring those activities on a scale from healthy to failing. The caregiver is only a click away, using the BeThere24 consumer-friendly app, from the comfort of knowing Mom or Dad is fine, or, God forbid, not. Emergencies are immediately reported using a variety of options, 24/7 monitoring, a facility’s own staff/reception or the caregiver of record. The devices are small, in most cases not even recognizable, and nothing is required to be worn, pressed or pulled. BeThere24 offers consumer-friendly technology to assure families that everyone is safe, and it’s a smart system so it learns the normal daily activity of the client, and when that activity deviates from the norm, alerts you and caregivers or healthcare providers so they may deliver the best care possible. It’s the path to greater independence, more improved care and peace of mind for you and your family.

The product was designed by individuals who themselves went through the angst of parents aging, and how to best manage their time, with family and professions, while providing the right amount of care and attention for their parents. Using the education provided for by those parents, at the esteemed universities of MIT, Vanderbilt and Oxford, the founders and designers, together with teams in Israel and India, produced the BeThere24 system. Those same individuals live in Monsey (Spring Valley), New York.

The system is designed to alert for falls, wanderings out of the premises at unexpected times, lethargy, illness, inadequate hydration and other situations of concern. From a more pleasant perspective, the system will tell when the client is home, how active they have been, whether they have been sleeping soundly and even if they have been taking medication regularly. Take the following as an example: Mom, living independently, has retired for the evening. It’s 2 a.m., and she awakes to use the bathroom; all is well when she returns to bed a few minutes later. The BeThere24 system simply records the activity. But, what if there is an incident in the bathroom and there is no return to bed? The system sends an immediate alert to the 24/7 monitoring service, facility manager or caregiver that a deviation in pattern has occurred, and requests help be sent immediately.

The BeThere24 is more than just a discreet method of alert and monitoring. It also provides the whole family with the comfort and confidence that their loved ones are okay. It’s another way of saying, “We’ll be there for you 24.” For more information visit www.bethere24.com.