Monday, May 20, 2019

Ketamine Health and Wellness announces the grand opening of its first New Jersey location in Teaneck.

Ketamine Health and Wellness is a medical center that provides ketamine infusion treatment therapies for a number of mental health conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and post-traumatic stress. This center was formed to meet the growing needs of the Jewish community and is the first of its kind.

Ketamine is a medication that has been in use since 1970, mainly in the context of surgical anesthesia. The use of ketamine for treating mental health conditions is a new and exciting field that has shown tremendous promise for conditions such as severe depression and post traumatic stress that have been resistant to other forms of care.

Patients can expect superior care from highly trained nurses and physicians who are sensitive to all patients’ mental, physical and religious needs.

Dr. Charles Fleischner, a 15-year emergency room physician and chief medical officer of Ketamine Health and Wellness, is excited to bring superior care to those who need it most. “We are pleased to have created an exceptional environment that provides an extremely high level of care and unmatched service to the community,” said Fleischner.

The flagship center will be located at 175 Cedar Lane, in the heart of the Teaneck community.

Ketamine Health and Wellness provides ketamine infusion therapies to treat a range of mental conditions. Treatment sessions are by appointment only and in partnership with licensed mental health professionals. A range of payment options is available.

Founded in 2018, Ketamine Health and Wellness is one of a growing consortium of ketamine treatment providers throughout the United States, dedicated to promoting mental wholeness using the most effective and advanced methods available.

For more information, including a list of services, to book an appointment or consultation, career opportunities and more, please visit http://ketaminehealthwellness.com. Contact [email protected]

By Morris Isaacson