Monday, December 09, 2019

Dr. Seth Grossman’s novel procedure gives active New Jersey patients suffering from degenerative disc disease hope for an end to chronic pain and narcotic dependence, and return to work.

(Courtesy of CMD) Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Hudson Regional Medical Center recently announced the successful implantation of a new artificial spinal disc replacement device to address chronic low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease in a New Jersey resident by Seth Grossman, MD. Hudson Regional is the first facility in New Jersey to offer spine patients this innovative surgery using the Aesculap Implant Systems (Center Valley, PA) activL® Artificial Disc. In contrast with other treatments such as spinal fusion, the activL Artificial Disc is designed to more closely mirror the natural movement of the healthy human spine following surgery.

Roughly 450,000 Americans will have spine surgery each year because of chronic low back pain. “Lost work time due to chronic back pain is something that many of my patients are significantly concerned with and for good reason,” said Grossman. By the time that chronic back pain patients seek out surgical options for their chronic pain, studies have shown that 30% are narcotic dependent and out of work.

“I first learned about the ActiveL Artifical Disc system from a friend and colleague who is a spine surgeon with the U.S. Army. He was having great results helping members of our active duty military,” said Grossman. “For me the evidence for motion-preserving surgery like this one made sense and I saw that there were benefits to the procedure that would help some of my younger, more active patients in New Jersey.” Fusions have been associated with causing patients with low back pain to start experiencing pain at levels adjacent to their initial fusion several years after their surgery. In clinical studies, patients who received a lumbar artificial disc were three times less likely to have adjacent level problems five years after their procedure than patients who received a fusion. “Not every patient is going to be a candidate for this procedure and that’s OK,” said Grossman. “Fusion surgery, when indicated, can be very effective at relieving pain and restoring function. Still it’s important that patients have access to providers and facilities that will consider the best option for each patient’s anatomical needs.” Following extensive training on the activL, Grossman brought what he learned about the procedure back to the Hudson Regional administration and they agreed that their patients should have access to such innovation.

The literature supports that within six months of lumbar artificial disc surgery more than 86% of back pain patients will go back to full-time employment without restrictions and because of their decreased pain and increased function will be able to stay off narcotics. “The activL trial found that 98.5% of lumbar disc patients are still narcotic free more than five years after surgery,” said Grossman.

Grossman performed the first surgery using the activL Artificial Disc in early May. “My patient was up and walking the same day of surgery with her old pain completely gone,” said Grossman. “This was a really rewarding case for me and I see myself now thinking about patients and their surgical options differently because of it.”

If you have chronic low back pain and are interested in understanding if you are a candidate for lumbar total disc replacement, contact Seth Grossman, MD, to schedule an evaluation at 201-572-1005.

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