Friday, April 03, 2020

Dr. Jeffrey Paley and Dr. Doron Katz are pleased to announce that Shoshana Koslowe, PA-C, has joined Access Medical Associates in Englewood as a physician assistant. “I have known Shana for 30 years and she is brilliant,” said Dr. Paley. “She has a terrific personality and is well respected. In the few weeks that she has been here, I’ve been impressed with how she really cares about patients. She is detail oriented and follows through, checking up to see how patients are feeling and making sure to get lab results to her patients in a timely manner.” With two practice locations, in Englewood and Manhattan, Drs. Paley and Katz were looking to add to the team, and wanted a female generalist, as many women patients were asking for a female health care provider.

“I am very excited to be joining Access Medical and working for two very talented doctors, in one of the most vibrant private practices in the area,” said Koslowe. “They have a unique practice—really caring about people and going the extra mile for them, sometimes making house calls, or seeing patients late at night at their own homes.”

The focus of the practice is internal medicine, but the medical team has interests in specialized areas of health care. “The top priority for us is thoroughness,” said Dr. Paley. “Many patients see primary care doctors and feel things are not adequately discussed or fall through the cracks, and a diagnosis is missed. We put our heads together as a group, discuss complicated cases, and use our knowledge base to make the right diagnosis.”

In addition to covering all aspects of primary care, Dr. Paley has a special interest in preventive cardiology, hypertension, diabetes and psychosocial issues. Dr. Katz as well treats a wide variety of primary care issues but has a special interest in gastrointestinal disorders, smoking and asthma. Two dietitians in the practice, Shara Paley and Mia Wolinsky, see patients for weight loss, diabetes and eating disorders.

Koslowe looks forward to covering the wide breadth of primary care, including doing annual physicals and treating acutely ill patients.

For an appointment with Shoshana Koslowe, Dr. Jeff Paley, Dr. Doron Katz or a dietitian, please call 201-503-0833, or to learn more about the practice, visit www.accessmedicalassociates.org.

By Bracha Schwartz