Saturday, January 25, 2020

We invite you to turn on your Energy GPS to identify, explore and balance the stuck energy channels in your body. Our body is designed to offer information about imbalances and things that need to be corrected. These messages may be of the intuitive sort, sensing when we belong or don’t belong somewhere. Those feelings of being comfortable, in a safe place or with people that are harmonious for oneself often go unnoticed. Conversely, messages may come as a more physical experience, like pain. Pain of any sort readily gets our attention with a typically immediate exploration of how to obtain relief. Perhaps relief may come in the form of medication, a massage or some exercise. Aches or any feeling of discomfort is the body’s way of giving clues of imbalances or energy blockages long before they manifest as physical pain.

Palpation is one of the methods used by doctors, nurses, health care practitioners and healers in assessing and diagnosing problems in the body. Training in many mind/body therapies have refined our ability to sense and identify imbalances in the tissue of the body as well as energy fields flowing through the body. There are points on the body (i.e., the face, the ears, the hands and the feet) that, if painful to touch, can reveal an imbalance in an energy channel. However, caution must be taken to first make sure there is no underlying medical problem. These exercises are not in place of good sound medical care. However, they can offer a different perspective on improving health and wellness.

We would like to share with you one very simple exercise to ameliorate reflected energy imbalances in the body. The chart below is a picture of the face with various points identified. These are reflex points that, if painful upon firm direct touch, reflect energy blockages. According to Spring Forest Qi Gong, tenderness to touch is an indicator of blockage to energy channels that flow through the body. Gently massaging these tender points for 30-60 seconds may open these blockages. Opening the blockages allows for the improved flow within the energy channels. Try it. See how you feel!

Phyllis Krug is a physical therapist with a private practice in Teaneck, NJ and Monsey, NY. Her practice integrates many mind/body and energy therapies. She is available for private consultation, lectures and classes and can be reached at 973-704-9062 www.energydialogues.com

Phyllis Gordon is an occupational therapist in private practice working with infants, children and adults.in Tenafly, NJ. For appointments call 201-569-6288 or [email protected] or www.phyllisgordon.com

By Phyllis Krug DPT, PT,

MS Phyllis Gordon MSOTR/L