Friday, October 19, 2018

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Confronting Addiction in the Jewish Community

(Courtesy of Touro) If your child received a prescription for Percocet after getting wisdom teeth removed, he is not alone. He is also at risk of opioid addiction. Just one week’s worth of this commonly prescribed painkiller can cause addiction. The extremely addictive nature of opioids is driving a national epidemic, and making

Retirement in Israel: Do It Now

“...the air of the Land of Israel makes one wise.”

Bava Basra 158b

One doesn’t need to read Bloomberg.com to know that Israel falls within the top 20 places in the world to retire overseas. Jews who vacation or have a

Prolotherapy in Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful country. There are beautiful coastal areas that look out onto the Caribbean Sea on its East coast and onto the Pacific Ocean along its West coast. The tropical climate provides the right conditions to produce a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. This produce is readily available from the street vendors, freshly

How Israeli Medical Innovations Inject New Life Into Ailing Patients

From wearables that allow cardiac specialists at a hospital in Ramat Gan to monitor a patient’s cardiac performance thousands of miles away from home, to giving gravely ill patients a new lease on life with ground-breaking new therapies, Israeli medical innovators are literally thumbing their noses at the angel

Do You Suffer From Heel Pain?

Do you suffer from painful feet? Is the pain especially in your heels when getting out of bed in the morning? You might have plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that affects the heels of the feet.

Heel pain is one of the most common clinical conditions that bring patients into the office of a

Different Roads for Different Minds

My last piece for the Link depicted some learning that my father and I had done together relating to the theme of freedom and being liberated toward one’s true nature. As we think about the themes of Pesach and continue to partake in the mitzvah of zecher (“remembering”) being taken out of Egypt not only on Pesach but when we

A Life in the Shadow of Disorder Is a Life of Slavery

The theme of freedom is one that permeates the story and observance of Pesach. We recount being liberated by God, with Moshe as our leader, as Egypt underwent the various plagues. We experienced the crossing of the Red Sea toward the desert as we prepared for the acceptance of the Torah. This journey reached its climax in the

Project S.A.R.A.H.: Why Victims Hesitate to Come Forward

Sexual abuse and assault have become a prime focus in the media lately, with allegations exploding everywhere from Hollywood to the USA gymnastics team. The #metoo movement encourages people to come forward publicly to share their experiences of abuse. These events have raised some questions:

Cancer Treatment Designed With the Individual in Mind

(Courtesy of RWJ Barnabas) Medicine is always advancing, but these days the treatment of cancer is making unusually dramatic strides. Because of evolving research in how the disease develops and how to stop it, physicians and scientists around the world can now offer patients promising, highly precise therapies that were not

A Vaccine to Prevent Alzheimer’s Might Be Closer Than You Think

Bar-Ilan University’s Dr. Eitan Okun is progressing to protect us from the devastating disease.

(Courtesy of AFBIU) According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in nine Americans over 65 has Alzheimer’s. For those 85 or older, that number is one in three. Over five million Americans

OHEL’s Trauma Team Provides Family and Community-Wide Support in Face of Florida Tragedy

(Courtesy of OHEL) Two weeks ago in North Miami Beach, a 10-year old boy died tragically.

OHEL was asked to help respond to the family, and local schools, who did not have the expertise and resources on hand.

In coordination with Mark Rosenberg, head

The Truth About Alzheimer’s and How to Prevent It

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) 

“Despite the occasional headlines that a pill or a cure for Alzheimer’s is right around the corner, the truth of the matter is that scientists and researchers are still far away from finding a miracle pill or cure. Why? Because the brain is by far the