Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Bioidentical Hormones for Women Should Be the Standard of Care

The reason I believe that bioidentical hormone replacement for women should be the standard of care is because estrogen helps prevent heart disease, improves bone density and reduces the risk of dementia. Heart disease, osteoporosis and dementia are the three most common causes of death among elderly women, and estrogen helps prevent all

Stretching Yourself: Powerful Secrets to Embracing and Enacting Change

It’s that time again, when many people have begun the process of making those New Year’s resolutions happen. While some embrace, even bask in, the promise of change, others falter in the slow torture—often doomed to failure—that change represents to them. We have great plans and aspirations, yet so often find ourselves at

Diabetes Must-Know Facts

Uncontrolled diabetes is life-threatening. It is important for you or a loved one who has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to check your sugar levels on a regular basis. I have often been told, “It’s okay, I drink diet soda.” I can’t emphasize enough that this is not sufficient. Although some people have difficulty

Weight Loss WOW!

(Courtesy of The Sadkhin Complex) Congratulations Englewood, New Jersey; Lakewood, New Jersey; East Brunswick, New Jersey; Monsey, New York; White Plains, New York; New Rochelle, New York and Toronto on losing over 60,000 pounds and over 12,000 inches in 2017!

Englewood—Are you looking to lose five, 10, 20, 50, or even 100 pounds? No need to

Ben-Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health Holds Information Session in NYC

Please join members of the New York-based admissions team, as well as an alumnus, for an information session about the Medical School for International Health (MSIH). MSIH is a four-year, North American-style medical school that incorporates global health coursework into all four years of the medical school curriculum,

The Cold and What We Can Learn About It to Keep Us Healthier

(With thanks to “Emergency Care in the Streets - 5th ed.” Nancy Caroline, MD (dec.), one of the original paramedic trainers in the US and later first director of Magen David Adom in Israel.)

This has been a record-cold series of weeks, and the winter has just begun. Keeping safe and

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Heart

The secular New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and refocus on well-being, beginning with heart health. Dr. Joseph Shatzkes, a board-certified cardiologist who focuses on general cardiology and prevention, shares some wisdom on a good start for your heart in 2018.

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Two Months to Live

Stan, our conversation really made me think...

In the Parsha of “Vayeira” where the promise of a son is revealed to Sara it is stated (18:11) “Now Abraham and Sarah were old, well on in years…” The Zohar interprets the words to mean that they reached their old age with days that

SmartHouse Guru Provides Home Care Tech for Seniors

This year, almost five million people in the US will require home care and the number is growing. People are choosing to remain in their own homes rather than relocate to an outside facility. There are often many reasons to remain at home including comfort and cost, but it’s crucial to address the accommodations

A Novel Approach to PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder in young women. Ten percent of premenopausal women have PCOS. While some women with obvious signs of PCOS are diagnosed soon after adolescence, others are not diagnosed until learning they have fertility issues. This can include difficulties with conception

It’s Time for Rejection of Diet Culture

At the start of the secular new year we often hear the buzzword “resolution.” Individuals post collages of memorable photographs from the past year, a caption highlighting the highs and lows and then an intention set for the upcoming calendar year. These resolutions may include a way of tending to and fostering the progress and

Holy Name Medical Center Named Among Only Five Hospitals in NJ and NY to Achieve Five-Star Quality Rating

Medical center was recognized again as the highest rated hospital in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex and Union counties.

Holy Name Medical Center is one of only five hospitals in New Jersey and New York and the only hospital in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex and Union counties to achieve a five-star