Monday, February 17, 2020

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Openly Embracing the Next Chapter: Graduation and Transitions

The school year is over and for many it is not only the end of an­other academic year, but the end of their time at a particular school. Before I continue, congrats to all the grads out there and to their families and friends! You have completed another milestone in your journey and you should feel proud!

Earlier this month I gave a talk to high school seniors

Coxsackie Virus Infections

This week marks the beginning of sum­mer. Children are home from school and the hot weather is upon us. A fre­quent complaint for visits to an urgent care fa­cility during the first hot summer weeks is an irritable child who will not eat. The cause of these symptoms may be enteroviruses, which are a group of viruses that live in the gastroin­testinal tract and are

Ear Pain

The long hot days of summer are here, a time when kids are outdoors playing, especially when possible in a pool. The excitement of play and water frequent­ly make children forget any pain they may have. As the day winds down and the noises are replaced by the quiet evening, anything which may have been masked is brought to the surface.

Ear pain is a frequent

The Power of Life Experiences: What I’ve Learned About Life and Success

At the end of the ac­ademic calendar, stu­dents often look back on the growth, challeng­es, successes, and failures of the year. They also re­flect on how quickly time flew, even though they thought they’d never make it through the school year. This past year I completed my first year of graduate school and yet, as June be­gins, this was not the process on which

How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week

I bet that headline caught your attention, right? How about this one: “Gain That Six-Pack You’ve Always Want­ed Without Exercising or Giv­ing Up Your Favorite Desserts,” or “Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in Only 5 Minutes A Day.” I’m sure you’ve seen similar claims in newspapers, mag­azines, and on the Internet. We’re all looking for a quick fix,

Israeli Stem-Cell Technology Targets Leukemia

A new Israeli company is using the natu­ral process of cell death to help people under­going transplants of all kinds live longer. This counterintuitive approach is the vision of Cel­lect—and could radically change the way peo­ple with leukemia manage their disease.

Stem cells hold the promise to eradicate cancer and other devastating

Lyme Disease – Summer is Coming and So is Lyme

Since children play outside, especially with pets it is understandable that 25% of cases of lyme disease involve the pediatric age group. In fact, boys between the ages of 5-19 years are infected three times as much as other age groups. Lyme Disease is transmitted when a tick (deer or mice) feeds on an infected host then passes the bacteria by feeding on humans.

Body Pressures: Summer is Coming. Will You Achieve Body Peace?

This week the first wave of summer hit me as the air conditioning in my office was not working, and my coworkers and I were all faced with a wave of blistering heat. The indication of summer approaching generally means a few different things: some semblance of vacation, iced coffees, and a change in wardrobe. As the weather changes, we tend to frequent the malls and

Parsha And Yoga… Seriously?

Since my website went live in 2012, I’ve received calls and e-mails from people all over the world, from New York to San Diego, from Canada to Israel, and from England to Brooklyn. (Yes, Brooklyn, can you believe it?!?) Some people come for advice, some visit for support, and some offer business opportunities and ideas for future activities. Each person,

Study Finds Widespread Antibiotic Resistance in Nature

Resistance to commonly used antibiotics are in the genes of bacteria everywhere, researchers at the University of Lyon in France have discovered. A worldwide study of the gene sequences of bacteria, published in the journal Cell Biology, has found resistance across 71 environments, including oceans, soil, and human feces.

The researchers

Clothes Maketh The Man… and the Workout

This is Part II of a two-part article discussing my nine suggested tips for choosing the correct exercise attire. Last week we examined four tips including (1) head covering (2) clothing material (3) fit and (4) choosing your apparel wisely to address the different seasons and the plethora of challenges that accompany our temperate climate. Here are

Inflammation Is the Key to the Problem

“Arthritis is for old people, right?”

This is an outdated view of a spectrum of diseases that affect people of all ages in the population. In the past decade, there has been a revolution in the understanding and treatment of many forms of arthritis, particularly one devastating variety, namely rheumatoid.

So what is rheumatoid arthritis?