Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Specialty Spotlight: Women’s Health

(Courtesy of Hudson Regional Hospital) When it comes to women’s health, Hudson Regional Hospital knows that trust and confidence can be the most significant factors that come into play when selecting a healthcare facility. It’s essential that the patient can feel secure in their course of care, in addition to feeling that their

New Wheelchairs Facilitate Accessibility for BergenPAC Patrons

(Courtesy of Englewood Health) Englewood Health recently donated four wheelchairs to the Bergen Performing Arts Center (bergenPAC), in Englewood to help ticket holders with physical limitations navigate the facility and provide them with necessary accommodations before, during and after show times.

ABC of Collagen for Joints, Wrinkles and Bones

Collagen makes up nearly 30 percent of the protein in the human body. It is found in all of our connective tissue: bones, joints and skin. Some describe collagen as the “glue” that holds our bodies together. It makes sense when you consider all of the spectacular things collagen does for us. As we get older, our collagen gets

In the Blink of an Eye

She was in Room 5 of the ICU.

Her pastor and two church friends were leaving the room just as I was about to enter. Introductions were made. With teary eyes, they thanked me for my presence, and I thanked them. There is a bond we immediately feel with each other, even though we literally just

Long-Lasting Relief of Shoulder Pain With Prolotherapy

In prior issues I have discussed prolotherapy and how it helps with musculoskeletal pain. Today I will briefly summarize how prolotherapy works and then focus on how prolo helps shoulder pain. Prolotherapy is a natural treatment that strengthens ligaments, tendons and cartilage. This is achieved by a solution that stimulates a reaction in

Mazyar Ghanaat, MD, Joins Englewood Hospital

(Courtesy of Englewood Hospital) Mazyar Ghanaat, MD, recently joined the cancer team at Englewood Health. As the director of urologic oncology at The Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, he intends to bring fresh eyes to a field that is in the midst of dramatic scientific and technological progress. Prior to coming

Understanding Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and find yourself wondering what the diagnosis means to you, you are far from alone. Over 30 million Americans carry a diagnosis of diabetes, with nearly 1.5 million new cases diagnosed each year. Diabetes can be frightening, as it can be associated with many other conditions such as heart

The Hubbub Behind Honey

Inside that innocuous yet ubiquitous bear bottle sits that golden nectar, aka honey, a product that holds real estate in most people’s and bees’ homes alike. It’s basically a pantry staple, utilized in baked goods, dressings and sauces, or marinades for your meats. Honey has been the “bees’ knees,” gaining popularity

Smaller Plates Don’t Help You Eat Less

(Courtesy of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) Tricking the brain into eating less by serving food on a smaller plate doesn’t necessarily work, according a new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers, who found that when people are food-deprived, they’re more likely to identify a portion size accurately, no

The Hunger Games

When it comes to health and fitness we know that eating right and exercising more are essential components. But we humans are emotional creatures; knowing the benefit of food and exercise is not enough to spur us into action. Your actions are affected by the thoughts you have, and the things you tell yourself. So, if you want to transform

You Can Begin a Workout at Any Age or Skill Level

(BPT) Our bodies crave exercise at all ages, whether that means daily walks, fitness classes or a night of dancing. Although physical fitness may look different at age 65 than it did at 20, being active on a regular basis is still important to maintaining health and well-being.


Preventive Health Focus: Radiology

(Courtesy of Hudson Regional Hospital) While radiology has typically been a field of medicine utilized as something after a patient incurs an injury or issue, radiology is heralded in the hospital world as one of the best options for preventive health. From a mammogram to screenings for colorectal cancer to interventional