Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Abused Med or Reliable Crutch… Is Ritalin Creating an Army of Zombies?

Medical professionals are currently being caught up in a wave of negative headlines in the USA, UK and Israel, which suggests that Ritalin, a drug developed over 50 years ago to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), is being overprescribed and in many cases being abused by youngsters and adults

Dry Eye Syndrome, Diagnosis and Treatment

If you suffer from burning, watery, red, tired eyes, or have blurry vision that worsens at the end of the day, or that clears when you blink, you may be one of the millions of Americans who suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).

DES is exacerbated by our modern lifestyle, especially aspects that increase

What Every New Mom Wishes You Knew

A recent article in Time magazine entitled “How a Myth of Perfect Motherhood Hurts Moms” discusses the concept of “mom shaming” and the ways in which our judgments of new and expectant moms affect their emotional and mental health. From the moment a child is conceived, moms-to-be are subjected to an incredible amount of

Where KAvOd Meets KOvEd

“Blessed is the kavod

of the Infinite Creator...”

—Yechezkel 3:12


Why does the world exist? The best that science can tell us for now

Thyroid: The Body’s Internal Energy Source

If you are feeling tired with low energy, feeling cold, have thinning hair or gaining weight, you should read on. For a structure that weighs less than 1 ounce, the thyroid gland plays a key role in our metabolism. The main role of the thyroid is to produce thyroid hormone, which is the driver of metabolism.

Sacrifices in Days of Old and New

Sacrifice has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time. The concept of sacrifice is first introduced to us by the Torah in Parshat Bereishit. Cain was a farmer and he sacrificed something that mattered to him, offering a present of fruit to God; Abel was a shepherd and he too brought something that mattered to

The Cholesterol Brawl: Is Cholesterol All That Bad?

The term “cholesterol” gets thrown around like a football at MetLife Stadium, being tossed between opposing ideas and theories. Once upon a time, research deemed cholesterol as the devil, shunning it from the health world and isolating it from its other dietary counterparts. A couple of decades later, new research emerges

Can Mold Make My Family Sick?

As we admire the beautiful colors of the fall season, all too soon we will be hearing about the flu, common cold and other illnesses. But we should pause to realize that perhaps what is causing us to feel run down or sick is not the common cold, but something lurking in our homes, offices, schools or houses of worship.

The Kidney That Saved Two Lives

My motivation to become a kidney donor began when I first heard about living donation as my husband, David, began the process of being evaluated to be on the transplant list. All I knew about donation was the occasional story I would hear about a brother donating a kidney to another brother. I thought only close relatives could

Faces of ICSN: Tali Ayal

At the age of 62, Tali Ayal, a retired educator, active volunteer and grandmother, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Now, eight years after treatment, she shares how blessed she feels to be on the other side of the helping hand that got her through the hardest four years of her life.

Even in Hopelessness, You Are Not Alone

There is a low place where people feel as if a fog has overtaken them, when the simplest efforts feel like “too much” and when the future seems distant and vast, holding little comfort.

This place of hopelessness, whether for your own struggle or situation or for a loved one’s, can feel

Treatment of Lumbar Disc Disease: Myths and Facts

“Eight out of 10 people will experience low back pain (LBP) at some point in their lives” is the introductory line of so many articles about back pain. From my experience, that number is low! A very large percent of individuals with low back pain have a problem with their lumbar discs (the shock-absorbing jelly doughnuts)