Thursday, October 18, 2018

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The Hunger Games

When it comes to health and fitness we know that eating right and exercising more are essential components. But we humans are emotional creatures; knowing the benefit of food and exercise is not enough to spur us into action. Your actions are affected by the thoughts you have, and the things you tell yourself. So, if you want to transform

You Can Begin a Workout at Any Age or Skill Level

(BPT) Our bodies crave exercise at all ages, whether that means daily walks, fitness classes or a night of dancing. Although physical fitness may look different at age 65 than it did at 20, being active on a regular basis is still important to maintaining health and well-being.


Preventive Health Focus: Radiology

(Courtesy of Hudson Regional Hospital) While radiology has typically been a field of medicine utilized as something after a patient incurs an injury or issue, radiology is heralded in the hospital world as one of the best options for preventive health. From a mammogram to screenings for colorectal cancer to interventional

Is Caregiving in Your Financial Future?

If you’re a Gen-X or Millennial household, there’s a looming monthly expense you may not have included in your budget: the cost of caring for aging parents or extended family.

A March 2018 study from a major U.S. life insurer, titled “Financial and Lifestyle Costs of Caregiving” found

Get Stroke Smart: You Could Save a Life, and It May Be Your Own

(BPT) Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has some type of stroke. Even though stroke is a leading cause of disability in America, it is largely preventable and treatable. As May is American Stroke Month, it’s the perfect time to brush up on the facts to stay as healthy as possible.


Spotlight on Dr. Daniel Popowitz

(Courtesy of Hudson Regional Hospital) As Hudson Regional Hospital develops new relationships with physicians in our community who utilize the cutting-edge technology we have brought to our facility, we’d like to bring their medical perspectives into focus in our new ongoing series “Physician Focus.”

Establishing Rules and Boundaries Around Technology: Is There Really a Problem?

In our previous article we discussed how the summer experience can provide youth with a break from technological devices. Having our kids away without their devices provides parents with an invaluable opportunity to rethink and reset some of the household rules related to the use of technological devices in the home.

Food Advocates and Recovery Advocates

There is a plethora of individuals who make it their mission to promote education and awareness around mental health issues—a mission to which I not only relate, but work hard to make a part of my daily life. One of the difficulties in performing such a task is encompassing all the various essential aspects of recovery and the

The Holy Name Institute for Wound Healing Opens in Teaneck

(Courtesy of Holy Name Hospital) Chronic wounds affect 6.7 million people in the United States, and the incidence is expected to rise at a rate of 2 percent annually over the next decade. In response to the increasing demand, Holy Name Medical Center today announced the opening of its Institute for Wound Healing, located at 699 Teaneck Road

Hudson Regional Hospital Welcomes New Chaplain

(Courtesy of HRH) Hudson Regional Hospital is pleased to welcome Rabbi Colonel (ret.) Ira Kronenberg, LCSW, as its new chaplain. Rabbi Kronenberg is a retired colonel chaplain with 34 years’ experience in the US Army. His combined active and reserve service included tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. His

Let’s Have a Heart-to-Heart Conversation

Some of them beat. Others are beaten.

(Courtesy of Amudim) A young, innocent heart beats. Da-dum. Da-dum. Da-dum.

And then it stops beating.

It can stop beating for many reasons. Trauma. Overdose. Depression. Alcohol.

Hudson Regional Hospital Acquires da Vinci XI Surgical System

(Courtesy of HRH) Hudson Regional Hospital proudly announces its acquisition of the highly advanced da Vinci XI surgical robot, building towards its promise of providing the residents of Northern New Jersey with a sophisticated, modern facility that provides cutting-edge, high-quality healthcare services to its patients.