Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Uvacharta Vachayim: And You Shall Choose Life

I was admittedly caught off guard recently when a friend pointed out that I am probably the first—and, likely, only—rabbinic organ donation professional. Approximately a year ago, after a very rewarding 20+ years as a synagogue rabbi, I accepted a position as vice president for Jewish Community Engagement at LiveOnNY

Cooking Oils: What to Know and How to Choose

(Courtesy of De La Rosa) Have you ever made a quick trip to your local grocer in need of cooking oil only to find yourself completely intimidated by all the varieties on store shelves? When it comes to choosing the right culinary oil, it might be hard to decide where to start. The internet is flooded with

Israeli Chatbot Could Diagnose Early Alzheimer’s Disease

Hundreds of drugs have been developed to address Alzheimer’s disease, said Dr. Shahar Arzy, director of the computational neuropsychiatry lab at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center in Jerusalem. “Do you know how many have been found effective? Zero.”

But if patients could be

Medicare Open Enrollment: Don’t Miss Out

Every year Medicare beneficiaries have a choice. Between October 15 and December 7, a period known as “open enrollment,” Medicare beneficiaries can switch their current Medicare coverage. The Senior Medicare Patrol of New Jersey (SMP) program, which is located at Jewish Family Services of Middlesex County in Milltown, New

Lester Senior Living to Host Open House

(Courtesy of Lester Senior Living) Lester Senior Living in Whippany invites area residents to an open house on Wednesday, October 23, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Attendees will tour the distinctive senior living community and learn about its independent and assisted-living options, hotel-style amenities and enriching programs. Those

What Are the Characteristics of an Effective Therapist?

There are basic characteristics that effective therapists have in common. It is worthwhile to look for these traits when seeking out a therapist.

They are up to date on the latest research and know what methods are effective.

They know how to collaborate with

CareOne at Teaneck Is Now Certified Under CRC-Hisachdus

(Courtesy of Care One) As of Tuesday, September 24, CareOne at Teaneck, located on Teaneck Road in Teaneck, is now CRC certified in addition to already being Star-K certified and completely cholov yisroel and pas yisroel. CareOne at Teaneck is a subacute rehab facility that offers 24 hours of skilled nursing and rehabilitation for both

The Benefits of Fasting

The prohibition against eating and drinking is the most salient aspect of Yom Kippur. I would like to share with you the benefits of fasting. Fasting helps us achieve atonement by providing a physical manifestation of personal discomfort that enables us to focus on our misdeeds for which we atone and helps reinforce the regret that we have

Beginning [the End] With the End in Mind

At the eve of a new year, we are mindful of new beginnings. Hopefully, with these beginnings will come new resolutions or re-commitments. But making resolutions alone will not be sufficient to help us accomplish all that we hope for in the new year. Benjamin Franklin reminds us that “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” How we

The Proof Is in the Picture

Just for You: The PUAHCare Article Series. From the files of a PUAH rabbinic counselor.

Because your fertility journey is so much more than a medical experience.

(Courtesy of PUAH) Have you ever been told that something you want very badly is

Vaping Is the New Smoking

My nephew just turned 12. Last week, we celebrated his birthday with a special breakfast in his honor. The birthday breakfast has been our family’s tradition since my children were young, and usually includes some of the guest of honor’s favorite foods and treats. My nephew loves cotton candy grapes, so, when I came across them

Preventing Burns During the Holidays

(Courtesy of RJ Barnabas Health) The upcoming Jewish holidays are a particular time of high risk for burns and house fires. The Burn Center at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey’s only burn center, wants to make sure everyone stays safe during the upcoming holidays.

“The holidays always