Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Dispelling Common Laser Vision-Correction Myths

When I sat down to write this column, I realized it’s been 20 years since I took my first laser vision course in 1998. Back then, the field was in its infancy. We have gone from surface laser treatments to creating a LASIK flap with a (precision) metal blade to all-laser LASIK. Now, looking back with almost 20 years of experience

Touro to Host Program on Confronting Addiction

(Courtesy of Touro College) Nearly half of American adults have a close friend or family member who’s been addicted to drugs, and the skyrocketing opioid epidemic is driving this statistic even higher. On Tuesday, March 13, Touro College and University System will host a lecture on the causes of addiction and ways

Muslim Woman Is ‘Powerhouse of Lifesaving’ as Israeli EMT

Sanaa Mahameed, the first female Muslim volunteer in United Hatzalah, 

is now being joined by 13 Bedouin Muslim women fresh out of training.

On a recent morning, volunteer emergency medical technician Sanaa Mahameed was the first responder on the scene

Strengthening Our Emotional Immune Systems

Flu season is upon us and more than ever we are reminded to Purel, wash our hands, drink plenty of fluids and get much-needed rest. There is a conscious effort by our pharmacies to remind us to get the flu vaccine and to ward away any nasty germs that may come our way.

We take care in building

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center Sends Doctors to Papua New Guinea on Humanitarian Mission

(Courtesy of Sheba Medical Center) Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel’s national hospital, just completed its second successful humanitarian medical mission to Papua New Guinea where their team of medical experts performed over 80 life-transforming eye surgeries that restored vision to the blind. Led by the Israel Center

Using Prolotherapy to Treat Tendonitis

In prior issues I have discussed prolotherapy and how it helps with musculoskeletal pain. Today, I will briefly summarize how prolotherapy works and then focus on how prolo helps tendonitis. Prolotherapy is a natural treatment that strengthens ligaments, tendons and cartilage. This is achieved by a solution that stimulates a reaction in the

The Language of a Mask

Many articles are often written about masks at this time of year—how people are always hiding behind an “invisible” mask, a cover-up to hide their true identity. When people can learn to take off their masks by believing in themselves, accepting their true worth and embracing their vulnerabilities with others, they no longer

Graf Center for Integrative Medicine Launches Rodgers Family Meditation Program

(Courtesy of Englewood Hospital) With the turn of the year, the Graf Center for Integrative Medicine at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is launching The Rodgers Family Meditation Program to grow its array of holistic services and highlight the link between traditional medical treatment and mindfulness.

Medical Clowns Provide Human Antidote During Purim

Illness is no laughing matter. But for sick kids around Israel, laughter is the best medicine.

It’s an emotionally draining scenario that unfortunately plays itself out in hospitals across the USA and Israel each and every year. Hundreds of sick children find themselves marooned in their

Flu Review: Facts or Fiction?

We have just gone through one of the toughest flu seasons in recent years. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with the flu and and I thought it would be helpful to review our experience with some comments and explanations about the disease and its vaccine.

Influenza can be a

How Oral Health Can Affect Your Overall Health

It is well documented that general wellbeing begins with the mouth. A healthy mouth promotes overall wellbeing and health. Bacteria is an important component within our mouth. Most of these bacteria are harmless or even beneficial in the right amounts. Proper oral hygiene is paramount in oral health. This includes tooth brushing,

Comprehensive Behavior Supports Offers Support for Individuals With Autism

(Courtesy of Comprehensive Behavior Supports) Autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by limited or the absence of language skills, poor social skills and the presence of stereotypical or repetitive movements or vocalizations. The disorder can be devastating and has long-term effects on the individual with the