Thursday, August 22, 2019

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Mental Illness, Stigma and the Orthodox Jewish Community: Achieving Lasting Change

Do you or someone you know suffer from mental illness? If you answered yes, you are correct. If you answered no, guess again. Tens of millions of Americans suffer from a mental disorder and, just as with cancer or diabetes, the Orthodox Jewish community carries no immunity. Studies show that the incidence of mental illness within

The Institute for Robotic Surgery at Hudson Regional Hospital

(Courtesy of HRH) Ever since being taken over by a new owner last year, the hospital in Secaucus—Hudson Regional Hospital—continues to offer new services for patients.

And the latest is robotic surgery. In response to the lack of minimally invasive surgical options in the area,

Can Pesach This Year Not Be All About the Food?

For months leading up to Pesach, I have watched countless (mostly) women begin to panic and become frazzled about the menu. I get it. We turn our kitchens upside down and want everyone to be fed and enjoy the food during the eight days when there are many restrictions on what we normally eat. We want to find delicious new recipes

United Refuah’s Solution for Employers

(Courtesy of United Refuah) United Refuah HealthShare has revolutionized the healthcare of the Jewish community, founding the first-ever Jewish health-sharing program. United Refuah has proudly established a thriving community of like-minded people who support one another, all based on Torah-true principles and values.

ElderSAFE: The Next Level in Elderly Home Services, Promoting Independent Living

(Courtesy of ElderSAFE) After a close family member suffered a fall at home, becoming temporarily incapacitated and unable to call for help, Ari Knopfler wasn’t expecting the incident to prompt not only an expansion of his own business activities, but one which would create a boon for the larger community.

Spotlight: Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, also known as outpatient, or same-day surgery centers are facilities providing surgical care to patients not in need of an overnight stay. Typically, these surgeries are less complicated as well as performed on patients that are overall healthier. The choice of whether or not a surgery should be

First Ketamine Infusion Center Opens in Teaneck

Ketamine Health and Wellness announces the grand opening of its first New Jersey location in Teaneck.

Ketamine Health and Wellness is a medical center that provides ketamine infusion treatment therapies for a number of mental health conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and

Nutrition Hacks to Improve Your Health

I recently gave a health talk for the Emunah Annual Cookbook luncheon on simple hacks to change certain habits in order to obtain more energy, lose weight and feel better overall. It all sounds easy when we hear health advice, but the part about execution is what trips people up. I would advise choosing one area that

Spotlight: The Cardiology Department at Hudson Regional Hospital

(Courtesy of HRH) At Hudson Regional Hospital, our cardiology department deals with all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases. This department, like every department in our hospital, is staffed with specially trained physicians and nurses and outfitted with the latest technology and equipment to provide you with

A Special Kind of Care

I recently attended a three-day conference in Florida for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. It was attended by well over 3000 people, mainly palliative physicians, nurses, social workers, medical directors (or hospice physicians) and a few chaplains. This was my fourth year participating in this conference,

Infectious Disease and Its Role in Medicine

This article discusses infectious diseases, shedding light in particular on antibiotics, vaccinations and the role of the infectious disease physician in safeguarding the health of the individual patient, as well as the community at large.

What is the infectious disease specialty and

Orthodox Medical Students Aspire to Touro’s Shomer Shabbat Residency Programs

(Courtesy of Touro College) Match Day is one of the most anticipated moments in a medical student’s life, and thousands across the country eagerly await the envelopes that notify them of their residency assignments. Daniel Kadosh, M.D., of Passaic, a 2016 graduate of Touro’s New York Medical College, will always