Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Leading-Edge Technology for Prostate Cancer Detection Is Introduced at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

MRI and ultrasound combine to provide enhanced view of prostate.

An advanced technology called MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy is now being used to diagnose prostate cancer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. The technology uses a two-step process that offers greater accuracy over

‘Hold Me Tight’® Comes to NYC in November

Frum marriage enhancement two-day retreat will be held November 12 and 13.

(Courtesy of Hold Me Tight®) “Love and marriage may be the most used and the most potent words in the English language,” states Dr. Sue Johnson, developer and researcher of Emotionally Focused therapy

One Smile at a Time: Rambam Surgeons Join International Team in Africa to Correct Facial Deformities

(Courtesy of Rambam Medical Center) When Dr. Omri Emodi of Rambam Medical Center thinks about his summer, a smile comes to his face. And there are another 155 children in Ghana who are also smiling, some for the first time, thanks to Dr. Emodi, a craniofacial surgeon. Dr. Emodi went to Ghana to operate on the

The Role of Muscles in Pain

Muscles seem like they shouldn’t be too hard to understand. Many are superficial and within the reach of the examiner’s or our own hands. We have used terms like strains, cramps and spasm for ages. Trainers, massage therapists and muscle relaxants have existed for years. Yet confusion abounds as to what muscle tenderness really

The Importance of Proper Posture in Judaism

Every morning, I thank God for giving me the ability to stand up straight. Standing is an essential part of Jewish prayer, as is our posture. During special prayers like the Amidah, or “standing prayer,” we position ourselves as if we were standing before God, with straight backs and tucked chins. We don’t keep our hands on

Dr. Michael Werner Is Dedicated to Tikkun Olam

(Courtesy of Maze Cord Blood) Why would a prominent member of The Hebrew Institute of White Plains open a cord blood bank?

Michael Werner is not just a member of The Hebrew Institute of White Plains; he’s also a renowned urologist, philanthropist and devoted husband and father of four

What Is Family Medicine, and Why Should We Be Happy That There Is Now a Local Family Physician?

My family and I have been living in Teaneck for over 10 years, but only lately have I finally had the opportunity to practice family medicine in my community.

My path to becoming a family physician started at the Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem. I was the first woman to be accepted to a

Medication-Free Depression Treatment Centers Now Open in Englewood, Paramus and Hackensack

TMS Centers of America has recently opened new treatment facilities in New Jersey located in Englewood, Paramus and Hackensack. These centers are dedicated to treating patients with major depressive disorder using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy, a non-invasive procedure that uses magnetic fields

Addressing Motor Development Early in Life

As a pediatric occupational therapist for the past 20 years, I’ve been guiding parents on how to handle and play with their children. The types of children I see have had motor delays secondary to prematurity, low muscle tone (hypotonicity) increased muscle tone (hypertonicity), genetic disorders, neurological disorders and a

Purpose Beats Perks in Workplace Satisfaction

(StatePoint) New research shows that happiness abounds for those working at small businesses. Indeed, 75 percent of small-business employees are either very or extremely satisfied working for a small business, according to the study conducted by Aflac.

Perhaps surprising to some,

Rofeh Choleh Cancer Society Funds Miracles

The third annual gathering in support of the Rofeh Choleh Cancer Sociery (RCCS) was, once again, a powerful and well-attended event. The evening was emceed, as in the past, by a grateful and emotional Uri Abramov, a living testimony to the amazing work of this organization. Several years ago, Uri lay near death in a

Hormone Replacement for Women: Facts and Misconceptions

Bioidentical hormone replacement for women is underused because its positive effects are underestimated while its risks are exaggerated.

Let’s start with the benefits. The three most common causes of death and disability in women are heart disease, hip fractures and dementia.