Sunday, August 25, 2019

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21st Century Dentistry: New Materials

Over one hundred years ago, dentistry made its first attempt to help beautify smiles. It was the beginning of the use of ceramics, or porce­lain, to help rebuild a broken down tooth. As the years went by, improvements were made in cosmetics, but the strength was still lacking. The restorations were prone to cracking until the 1950’s when a metal

Americans Not Getting Enough Relaxation Time

StatePoint—Nearly all Americans un­derstand that relaxation time is essential to good health, yet most of us don’t spend nearly enough time unwinding during a typical day or week.

While our society acknowledges that kicking back is indispensable, we don’t seem to be practicing what we preach. Indeed, 99 percent of Americans think relaxation is

The Ice Cream Just Won’t Cut It

There is a phrase we use in the mental health world: it’s “The Whack-A-Mole” phenomenon. This happens when an indi­vidual experiences some type of addiction, works through the addic­tion, and then moves onto another vice. For in­stance, a man battling substance abuse may experience sobriety but then begin gambling. I was working with a client who at

Pediatrics and the Jewish Year

To quote the wise King Solomon: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activi­ty under the heavens.”

Back in my days of residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center, a wise attending doctor from a private practice told me that to truly appreciate pediatrics, you have to practice for a full year to get a taste of everything. Ten years

How Snow and M&Ms Opened My Eyes

I was on my way to school in the winter when the snow began to fall. I arrived in Washing­ton Heights and trekked the seven blocks to the Wurzweiler Building, though I was barely able to walk; the snow was falling heavily on the ground and the roads were a slippery mess. By the time I entered the building I was huffing and puffing, sweating from the near moun­tain

21st Century Dentistry: Lasers

Imagine going to your dentist and hav­ing a filling, but without drilling. Imagine having gum surgery, but with­out cutting or stitch­es. Imagine having no discomfort after these treatments and being able to resume normal activities right away. All of this could be possible when you have dental treatment with a laser.

Laser is an acronym that stands

High on Sugar


Our brains run on glucose. To keep glu­cose constantly available in the blood re­quires an elaborate system of checks and balances. Insulin tells the cells of the liver, muscles and fat to take glucose away from the blood. The liver also makes and releases glucose, so when we have a meal, insulin also tells it to stop production.

Insulin production

Nursemaid’s Elbow

One of the nicest milestones in a baby’s life, and in a parents’ life, is when a child starts to walk. This is of course ac­complished in small increments that lead to walking. At first a child sits unsupported; this is followed by crawling, then standing. Most of the time, this act is repeated many times. The child will eventually stand and cruise around by

Newborns and the Immune System

While working at Bellevue Hospital during my training in pediatrics, I was exposed to many dif­ferent cultures. I treated babies with parents from all around the globe and learned how different we all are and how similar we are. I heard many old wives’ tales, some founded on reason and later proven by science; some never worked and sounded ab­surd to my Western

Tisha B’Av, Negative Emotions, and Coping

Over the past month we have been confront­ed by tremendous sad­ness. It feels as if pain and sorrow have blanket­ed our nation; we have come together to support one another, to dry one another’s tears and hope to provide some comfort and joy. This has been a month of fear and unease, a month that I hope ends swiftly.

It seems that when we experience pain,


According to the Centers for Disease Con­trol, 20% of Americans suffer from one or more allergies including environmental, food, med­icine, and insect-related allergies. Addition­al data show that allergies limit activities for more than 40% of children and account for more than 17 million outpatient office vis­its annually, and that food allergies cause 30,000

Tips for Managing Stress in Your Life

StatePoint—Stress is not only unpleasant; it can be overwhelming, ultimately preventing you from solving the problems that caused the stress in the first place. But getting focused can help you feel happier and be more successful professionally, financially and in your relationships, say experts.

“Rather than living with fear or regret, you can turn your