Thursday, September 21, 2017

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The Magic of Disney

I recently had the privilege of taking the trip of a lifetime with one of my best friends, Shira, who has been my best friend since I was 13 years old. I have a handful of friends with whom I can share anything, truly be myself and receive not only love and support but also challenges that have immensely fostered my growth. Among

The Layers Project, Created by Shira Sheps

On Sunday, February 26, my husband and I grabbed our winter coats and two dogs and walked a small trek between our apartment and Fort Tryon Park, in Washington Heights. There, we were met with sunshine and various joggers as we awaited an experience that I will never forget.

I met Shira


God, it seems like a while since we have spoken. It is I, Sara, your 98-year-old friend. I was never one to pray from a formal prayer book, so I speak to you now again from my heart. You obviously know that things have not been easy for me lately. I am back here once again in the hospital. Apparently, this time I fell in my

The Shabbat Angels in the Hospital Room

It has been a long and arduous wait for my husband to finally have his hip-replacement surgery that was keeping him from normal mobility for months. Pain is one of those things that is all-encompassing, mood-affecting and easily seen on one’s face when the severity level increases. So it has been, until the day of surgery finally

Some Thoughts About the Impact of Drug Use

Substance abuse, including alcohol, is harmful in ways that go well beyond what many comprehend. Most people think of a drug as a substance that is ingested into the body in one form or another that subsequently alters the physiology of the body. The result: a feeling of euphoria and pleasure and nothing more, right? Not

Marking National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2017

Nearly eight years ago I was admitted to a treatment center for the first time. I had been battling anorexia nervosa and clinical depression, and after months of having been given these diagnoses, months of denial and pretending, I finally admitted to myself and to my parents that I had a problem and needed help.

What Is in a Name? I Cannot Remember Yours!

Imagine the following scenario: You and your spouse are invited to a large social gathering. Someone approaches you with a big smile and a warm greeting, and then asks you about your children, your job, etc. You smile and exchange pleasantries and she then tells you how great you look, and how it was just wonderful seeing you.

Keep Watching the Watchman for AFib

Atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is a cardiovascular disease that causes abnormal heart rhythm. AFib is caused by a combination of factors, but principally its development is attributed to overactive electrical signals from the top chambers of the heart. These signals are disorganized, causing the atria to “fibrillate” or

Are We Far Frum Fit?

Disciplined… Dedicated… Habitual… Mindful… Human…

All words that could perfectly describe someone who is deeply devoted to their Judaism—including their practice of keeping kosher. Living an observant, or frum, lifestyle comes along with the decision to adhere to a strong set of

Holy Name Medical Center Receives Grant From Walmart Foundation

Funds will provide summer learning opportunities for high school students interested in healthcare careers.

Teaneck—Holy Name Medical Center’s Institute for Simulation Learning (ISL) was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation for its Healthcare Careers Discovery Program.

You Don’t Have to Live With Back and Neck Pain Anymore

The article originally appeared in Westchester Healthcare Newspaper’s Top Doctors Issue

Back and neck pain can be debilitating, and Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS, is out to change that.

An expert in a variety of non-surgical pain

How Do People Use Acupuncture in Their Daily Life?

Considering when to use acupuncture can be a difficult and confusing question. One of the questions that people struggle to answer is how do people use acupuncture in their daily lives? There are four ways that people come to use acupuncture and it is helpful for consumers to understand how this can work in their