Saturday, December 16, 2017

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NCSY Bencher Goes Digital: OU Announces the NCSY Bencher App

New York – NCSY, the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union, announced at Yarchei Kallah (NCSY’s winter retreat for public school students) that the NCSY Bencher app has hit both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores. This intuitive new app offers users a digital prayerbook with the Grace After Meals,

Tips for Happy Hosting During the Holidays

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Hosting has its share of anxieties: Will everyone have a good time? Will I be able to enjoy the event? Will the kids behave? Will the food be good?

It is always a lot of pressure to host a family get-together, especially when it’s your first

New Ways to Create Ambiance at Your Holiday Party

(State Point) Hosting a party this Chanukah? These days, there are new and innovative ways to set the tone for festive holiday cheer.

High-Tech Lighting

Holiday decorations aren’t what they used to be. Now you can control your decorative

Things Your Gemachs Want You to Know

When you think about it, the idea of a gemach is quite unique, though within the Jewish communities it is something everyone takes for granted. Volunteers run these organizations, using their own time and houses, calling in favors and often using their own money to provide a service to the community.

Congregation B’nai Shalom Rolls Out Affordable Simcha Packages

Planning a simcha is expensive. Planning a simcha on a budget can be difficult. Families go to great lengths to put together affairs that are classy and elegant, yet affordable. And it all starts with the venue.

Fortunately, Congregation B’nai

The Purple Bow Gives Chanukah Gift Advice

Teaneck—For anyone who feels like gift giving can be a trial, the staff at The Purple Bow of Teaneck offered some suggestions. While “everything emoji is so hot” (pajamas, earmuffs, stationery and more), for anyone looking for gifts that transcend the still popular and

How Engaged Couples Can Plan Their Financial Futures

Mazel tov! They’re engaged! Simchas give people a new horizon to explore and many new things to learn. Newly engaged couples discuss where to live, what shuls they want to try out and even what China patterns to register for. There is another serious discussion that needs to happen, but according to financial planner Cindy Day of

Planning a Simcha in Israel? Here Are Some Tips

There is nothing more meaningful than having a family event in the home of the forefathers. Hosting family and friends for a bar mitzvah or wedding in Israel strengthens the bond between them and the country and adds a Zionist element that can only be felt there. The mere beauty and history of Israel guests will experience is

Four Wine-Buying Tips for Weddings

(BPT) Traditional wedding rules have fallen by the wayside—food trucks are in, having a hashtag is a must, bridesmaids no longer wear the same dress and groomsmen are sometimes in sneakers. Couples are actively seeking ways to differentiate themselves and get creative. All that aside, there is one thing that

What Your Wedding Band Wishes You Knew

There is so much work that goes into the event before the band even shows up to the simcha. Playing an instrument or singing a song is different from writing an arrangement. Not everyone can arrange music—which includes harmonies, melodies and parts for the various instruments. The arrangements can take a great

When Looking to Reduce Costs, Can Photos Be ‘Do-It-Yourself’?

When making a simcha, many people play a game of “give and take” with their budget. If they opt to have a bigger hall, then the family may choose a simpler menu. Some people choose to cut out the photographer. After all, with digital technology as accessible as it is, is that job really necessary for the

For Jews Everywhere, the End of Summer Means…Weddings

(Part II of II)

We now rejoin our wedding, already in progress.


At the entrance of the Chuppah room, ushers will often hand out programs and mints like they’re bathroom