Sunday, October 20, 2019

This week we learn of the unthinkable use of chlorine gas as a weapon against Syrians as the Bashar al-Assad regime reaches yet another level of despicability.

As we condemn without hesitation the use of chemical weapons, we tell the leaders of the free world that if this act doesn’t spur action, we don’t know of any other attack short of nuclear warfare that calls for punishment of the Syrian regime.

Still, while many might criticize President Donald Trump for calling out the Obama administration for not dealing harshly with Syria, and for not validating the crossing of the “red line” that the former president described in 2012, we think that there is something to ominously learn here.

President Trump did inherit a lack of decisive foreign military policy on the Syrian civil war. But he also inherited a nuclear “deal” with Iran, where the rogue nation and sponsor of terrorism is supposedly not developing military-grade nuclear capability for 10 years.

We can’t stop thinking that the Syrians supposedly disposed of its chemical weaponry as a way to deter Obama from sending the U.S. military over the “red line.” So much for red lines. And if Bashar al-Assad is willing to brutally kill his own people with poison gas knowing that the U.S. enabled it to do so, then can we really believe that President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry did anything less than act out a 21st-century version of Neville Chamberlain?

And we know that Israel is on the front line of all of this, be it poison gas in Syria or nuclear threats from Iran.

The world better learn fast that the danger in the Middle East is beyond real. The truth wasn’t what Obama left us. He left the world a more dangerous place. We can’t just stay tuned and watch.

We need to urge our Capitol Hill representatives to readdress the Iran nuclear deal. The deal cannot be trusted. In doubt? Never forget that Iranian puppet Hezbollah is supporting the Syrian regime. If they would gas the Syrian people, what would they do to people of Israel?

It’s difficult to watch what happened Tuesday in Syria. But it must be watched. It should be a warning to us all.

By Phil Jacobs