Monday, August 19, 2019


Hallel—‘Praise’ Becomes My Call for Action

At around 4:45 a.m. I jolted awake, in an unfamiliar bed, a moaning tune filtering in through the window of my bedroom. The muezzin, the Muslim call to prayer, sounded five times a day, interrupting my sleep and studies at Nishmat, in Jerusalem, where I studied from 2014 to 2015. It soon faded into the background, yet

For Israelis, Donald Trump Is U.S. History’s Most ‘Israeli’ Presidential Candidate

This presidential election season is nothing if not fascinating, and the media coverage itself is driving considerable debate. What’s also interesting, but has so far gone unexplored, is how Israeli media are covering the American elections. Israeli election coverage offers insights into how the press in the U.S. and Israel stack

To Brexit and Beyond?

Back in the 1770s, Great Britain dominated the American conversation. After all, the colonies were trying to break free of their mother country and fight for their independence! Funnily enough, now in 2016, Great Britain is back in the American public eye again, and it has to do with independence—but in a much different sense from the

Fighting to Win: Revolutionizing Israel Advocacy

The final year of the Obama presidency has not begun well for Israel. Arab assassins earn greater international sympathy than do their Jewish victims. Iran gleefully violates even the modest obligations that Secretary Kerry negotiated, and receives $100 billion or so to fund terrorism. The BDS movement scores labeling victories in the EU

Rabbi Riskin Urges Israelis: End the ‘War’ on Reform Jews

Chief Rabbi of Efrat says Israelis have a misperception of Reform, Conservative Jews; ‘They’re our partners, not our enemies.’

As the controversy over the so-called “Mikveh Law” rages on, prominent Modern Orthodox Rabbi Shlomo Riskin has weighed in, urging Israelis not to view

Putting the ‘Artisan’ in Bi-Partisan

This past summer, the pro-Israel community, to our dismay, was proven correct. For decades, we have repeated the mantra that if Israel becomes a partisan issue, we will surely lose. And this summer, when the debate over the Iran deal—an agreement with potentially existential consequences for Israel—became partisan in spite of our best

Helping Our Children Have the Best—and Safest—Summer Ever

Children greeted the official start of summer with open arms earlier this week, excited for the fun-filled season ahead. Some will learn how to swim for the first time while others will shoot their first layups; all are eagerly looking forward to the best summer ever.

As parents, though, summer comes

Madeleine Albright’s Other ‘Undiplomatic Moments’

Former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright is backtracking, a little, on her remark last week that “there is a special place in hell” for women who failed to endorse Hillary Clinton. Writing on the op-ed page of the New York Times, Albright did not apologize or withdraw the comment, but she did concede that it

International Peace Conference Would Endanger Israel

France’s announcement that it will try to convene an international conference to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been strongly criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But before anyone concludes that only “right-wingers” oppose such a conference, it’s worth recalling that one of the most outspoken

Mr. Ban Ki-moon Is No Messenger

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

No one missed the double entendre of your recent New York Times article title, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel,” which had the chutzpah to both accuse Israel of a hot head and insinuate an itchy trigger finger. And yet amidst this thinly veiled smear, you went on to suggest

Daniella Moffson z”l: The Tragedy, the Aftermath and What Lies Beyond

I spent the entire night of Wednesday, January 13, stressing over finals and trying to figure out my second semester schedule. The looming exams and the confusion over mini courses/experiences/AP classes and how to fit them all in was overwhelming me. At some point I put my phone on airplane mode, in an attempt to focus. At 12:30 a.m. I

Extradition: The Palestinian Authority’s Dirty Little Secret

It’s that dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about, because it makes everybody uncomfortable. It hovers in the background, it’s hidden in the closet, and it lingers in the recesses of our minds. But it’s there, written in black and white in the Oslo Accords, and it can’t be erased: the Palestinian Authority (PA)