Sunday, October 20, 2019


Haven’t Felt the Same Since

Twenty years ago on a Shabbos afternoon, my home phone started ringing. We did not have caller ID back then, but it was highly unusual that the phone rang with almost annoying regularity. We were living in Southfield, a Detroit suburb, on November, 4, 1995.

I was going to be covering an evening Book Fair

For the Record

A few weeks back, there was an article written regarding the lack of commitment by Bergenfield’s Council as it relates to road conditions on Highgate Terrace. As the administrator for Bergenfield, I

The International Beit Din Controversy: A Statement and a Proposal

The decisions of the International Beit Din for Agunot (IBD) have generated powerful rabbinic critiques and countervailing declarations of unconditional support. Because the freedom of specific women is in dispute, and because the line of engagement runs roughly along the RIETS/YCT border, we cannot afford to dismiss these disagreements as

An Insider’s Perspective on the Teaneck Board of Education Election

Three years ago I was elected to the Board of Education as a Trustee. The Teaneck BOE is responsible for the K-12 education of nearly 4,000 students and a budget of $95-100 million, accounting for 60-65 percent of property taxes. Residents can obtain a good education via the Teaneck public schools, though test scores may suggest otherwise.

Understanding the ‘Lone Wolf Terrorism’ in Israel

There was an interesting twist to news media coverage of the most recent Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis.

The stabbings, car-rammings and other Arab attacks were “isolated” incidents, the Associated Press declared. New York Times correspondent Diaa Hadid emphasized, in the second

Rallies Against Iran Deal Continue After Pact’s Passage

Only a handful of days had passed since the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) and other organizations lobbied Congress against the impending nuclear deal with Iran.

Indeed, the Orthodox Union (OU) and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) issued a joint statement of concern and

We Must Keep Nuclear Weapons Out of Iran

President Obama repeatedly told the American people that no deal with Iran is better than a bad deal. Despite that promise, this week the House will be voting on the president’s deal that will give Iran sanctions relief while jeopardizing the security of the United States and its allies. I will be voting “no.”

Why Can’t We Argue Civilly?

Orthodox Judaism emphasizes Talmud study. Some people love the analysis-and-debate format of the Talmud but other people prefer studying the final decisions of the Talmud. They don’t enjoy the argument and discussion in the Talmud, and they most certainly do not love the layer upon layer of subsequent debate about the arguments in the

Does the Pending Deal with Iran Prevent Another 9/11 or Enable It?

It was not so long ago that Federal District Court Judge Daniels ruled Iran, including the Ayatollah Khomeini, was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.

The historic ruling was entered, on December 22, 2011, in the Havlish case, brought by family members and legal representatives of

Now Exposed: Iran Already Waging War Against Israel

On August 16, the Israeli Army revealed that Iran has been directing terrorist attacks from Syria against Israelis in the Golan Heights region. Nobody paid attention. Four days later, Iranian-sponsored rockets from Syria struck Israel’s Upper Galilee. Is anybody listening now?

For weeks,

Kicking the Can Down the Road With Iran

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to look over the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran and discuss the finer points of the deal with experts who have analyzed its text. The details are important, but I am concerned that, conceptually, the underlying logic and reason to support or oppose the agreement is

Really, Mr. President? ‘Rockets Falling on Tel Aviv’?

“Rockets will fall on Tel Aviv,” President Obama warned on August 4, claiming that if his Iran deal is rejected, military conflict will inevitably ensue.

Mr. Obama seems to be betting that the rest of us have forgotten that Iranian rockets already fell on Tel Aviv last year.