Friday, October 19, 2018

What should I do if I’m thinking of listing my house for sale?

Call on a professional. A Realtor knowledgeable of your local market can provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). CMAs are a complimentary service that Realtor’s provide to help home owner’s assess the proper listing price for their house. After a Realtor completes their walk-through they can put together a detailed CMA report showing you how they determined their pricing. They should also have a strategy to launch and market your listing when you’re ready to take the leap. The first week or two on the market often draws the most attention from prospective buyers so it’s best to get your house “show ready” before you start letting buyers preview your home.

How can I get my house “show ready”?

This will vary from house to house as every owner maintains their home differently. Small improvements can lead to big results. Some cleaning, decluttering and staging of furniture can completely change the feel of a room. Fresh paint, refinishing floors, steam cleaning carpeting and replacing a vanity are some great examples of ways to bring a new energy into your house.

These improvements won’t break the bank and may be the difference between a buyer leaving your house with a good taste in their mouth versus walking out with that “tired” feeling. Ask your Realtor what improvements they think will have the most impact on positioning your home for a successful sale. You can then budget your time and finances to work on getting your house “show ready.”

When is the best time of year to list?

In my opinion, the best time to list is when the time feels right for you. The internet plays an intricate role in how a majority of the prospective buyers do their house hunting these days.

Therefore, when you list your house the information is readily available to prospective buyers no matter what time of year it is. There may be more buyers out there during the spring market but the spring also tends to be a more popular time for listings. This can translate into more competition for you as a seller. I believe sellers can take advantage of a thinner inventory during the winter months by letting supply and demand work in their favor. Perhaps there are fewer buyers during this time of year but in my experience they tend to be more motivated buyers.

I’ve found that someone coming out to see houses in freezing/snowy weather is usually doing so because they’re in a situation where they need to buy a house sooner rather than later.

Prospective buyers are looking year round. If your house is ready to be shown and the time feels right for you, then it’s probably a good time to list.

By Eric Wein

 Eric embraces a family-first approach, providing his clients with the same guidance he would offer his own mother, father or sibling. A knowledgeable and full-service Bergen County Realtor® ready to position you for success in all of your real estate endeavors, he’s a strong communicator with the ability to hone in on your needs and deliver! Born in Englewood Hospital, raised in Teaneck, and currently residing in Cresskill, he’s a loving husband, father and proud recipient of the NJ REALTORS® Distinguished Sales Club Award, with 12 consecutive years as a NJ REALTORS® Circle of Excellence Award winner from 2005-2016.