Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Home Financing Magic: The Reverse Mortgage

I want to tell you about one of the greatest mortgage financing tools we have today in this country and it’s called a reverse mortgage. Many lenders advertise through direct mail and on the radio, and you see pictures of people walking on the beach holding hands. The truth of the matter is that this mortgage is a great

It Makes Absolutely No Sense To Me

A few weeks ago a friend of mine called up asking a few detailed questions about a mortgage scenario. Knowing his personal financial situation, I quickly understood that he was really “asking for a friend.” A colleague of his, was in the midst of attempting to refinance their mortgage, and started discussing the details with my

Seven Ways to Make Your House a Home

Reprinted with permission from Linknj.com

What you put inside your house can make the difference between whether you enjoy spending time there or not. No matter the size or style of your home, incorporating your personal style matters the

Personalize Your Home’s Curb Appeal With an Eye-Catching Front Door

(BPT) At its core, the desire to create a home with curb appeal is a desire to make a home uniquely one’s own. After all, no matter how beautiful they are, rows of homes that look the same inherently fail to capture attention. Using personal touches, people want friends and family to know which home is theirs.

Among the dozens of affordable ways you can

Add Living Space to Your Home With an Easy Patio Makeover

(BPT) Everyone looks forward to a shift into summer mode, with its sun-soaked days, flower-scented breezes and velvety nights under the stars.

Now’s the time to take advantage of a golden opportunity right outside your door. Celebrate summer and all it offers by recreating your outdoor space. Whether it’s a balcony, a patio or a deck, a few touches

All Roads Lead To...

One of the most famous—and longest—streets of Jerusalem is Rechov Yaffo, or Jaffa Street. It runs from the entrance of the city all the way to the Old City walls.

Why is this main thoroughfare in Jerusalem named after a city located adjacent to Tel Aviv?

Getting Approved Can Be As Easy As 0-1-2-3

There has been an astonishing surge in the amount of slick marketing and extravagant gimmicks of late by some online lenders to lure new candidates in for mortgage loans. Much attention is being placed on marketing to the millennial generation who seem to be running their lives through smart phones and even smarter apps. Banking

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

There is nothing like buying your first home. Whether you are looking for a fixer-upper, a place to spend the next few decades or something in between, there is no mistaking that your first home is a huge decision. It is also one of the biggest investments you are ever going to make. Be sure you are getting the home you expect by

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Divorce happens, family dynamics change and one home becomes two. No one anticipates getting divorced, so can you really prepare for circumstance such as divorce? Does preparing lead to a self-fulfilling prophesy? There are those who have pre-nuptials (which is as prepared as you can get), but many couples do not.

Next Year in Jerusalem Almost a Reality

200 families will make aliyah next Pesach to Ramat Givat Zeev.

Nearly 200 families spent their last Pesach in the U.K. and USA this year, in anticipation of making aliyah ahead of the holiday next year to the spectacular new Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood, which is being built at

Seven Home Improvements to Tackle Before You Move In

(BPT)—You found the perfect home, so it’s not surprising that you want to move in as quickly as possible. However, there are some projects that are best done when the house is still empty.

So, consider completing the following seven items before the moving trucks arrive.

Searching For The Best Mortgage Deal

I recently met with a first time home buying couple who were looking to get pre-approved for a potential home purchase. We met in my office in the late evening, and spent a great deal of time discussing budgeting and the long-term financial impacts of homeownership, well after we got through the pre-qualification process. This was