Friday, September 21, 2018

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Make the Most of Your Landscaping Projects This Year

(BPT) Home improvement projects aren’t constrained to a single season, but during these warmer months, your focus is no longer simply on your home’s indoors. Now there’s outdoor yard work to do as well, and if you’re looking to recreate your outdoor space, your outside projects may include some landscaping. If you

Six Money Tips for Buying a Home

(StatePoint) When searching for a new home, you may come across some conflicting information, especially about home financing or mortgage loans. Consider these six money tips to help you navigate the process.

  • • Know your credit profile: Your

Stay Agile: Five Tips for Easier Aging in Place

(BPT) While many of us may dream of retiring and moving away to a beach-side resort or cabin by the lake, the reality is that most Americans look forward to remaining in their own homes so they can continue to enjoy familiar comforts, activities and loved ones. In fact, an AARP survey recently found that 87 percent of U.S.

Five Tips for Financing Your Next Home Improvement Project

(BPT) Whether it’s transforming a fixer-upper into your dream home or just giving a makeover to your kitchen or bathroom, home improvement projects are on the minds of many new homeowners across the country.

While many things about renovating your home are flexible, your budget might not be.

Home Improvement: One Repair at a Time

(BPT) Tis the season... for home improvement. Longer days, warmer weather and more flexible schedules (hello, summer break!) have a way of inspiring home improvement projects. It’s as if appliances in and around the house emerge from the shadows of winter, calling out for attention. Suddenly, the dishwasher rack has rusted, the

You Heard It Here First

By now, most of you are aware that the 10-year US Treasury yield has risen above 3.00%. In fact, after breaking above the psychologically significant level of 3%, it easily busted through a resistance level of 3.04% which had not been breached for many years. At the time of this writing the 10yr was hovering around the 3.10% level.

Innovative New Looks for Your Kitchen Renovation

(StatePoint) Renovating your kitchen? Think about making updates that will add beauty and functionality to one of the most important rooms in the house. Here are a few innovative new looks and ideas to consider including in your plans.

Add Geometry

A Voice Among the Silent

Many streets across Israel are named in memory of righteous gentiles who were sympathetic to the plight of Jews and stood up to anti-Semitism or supported the establishment of the state of Israel.

Some streets are named for world leaders who supported the creation of a Jewish homeland,

Inspiration and Ideas for Summer Gardening and Home Improvement

(StatePoint) With longer days and shorter nights come warm weather opportunities to make home and garden improvements. Become inspired to start working on projects, both indoors and out, with these new seasonal books.

Caring for Cacti

Eight Ways to ‘Accidentally’ Unapprove Your Mortgage

Even if your credit is OK, your income is enough to qualify and you have put a down payment down that works for the mortgage program, you can still be denied a mortgage. Sometimes the reason for denial is something that was avoidable, and good advice and structure could have mitigated the issue. But sometimes there is something

Bridge the Gap

Hey kid, “Ya wanna by a bridge?” Well, you may not want to buy a bridge, but you may be able to get one. A bridge loan that is. What is a bridge loan? A bridge loan is a temporary loan that allows you to borrow against your current property, which is listed for sale, in order to buy a new property, or be able to temporarily

Colorful Design Ideas for Refreshing Your Home This Season

(StatePoint) If you are looking to elegantly redesign the spaces in your home, consider taking your cues from the latest trends in the luxury market. Neutral color palettes and soft, soothing shades, such as gray, taupe and cream are on the rise among today’s luxury homes and adding touches of color will help personalize these