Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Real Estate

Real Estate Has Sprung: Your Ideal Buying & Selling Experience

What a brutal winter it has been; record low temperatures, frozen pipes, and too many snow days to count. With spring a month away and more inventory coming to the market, we can finally see the end of this winter. While it is always the right time to buy a home, this winter has been very harsh, and buyers and sellers alike didn’t want to

Your Dream Home Is Within Reach

Build Within Reach is known for building beautiful, high quality homes in Englewood, Tenafly and neighboring towns. The company is also focused on providing renovations and home improvement to the same standard. As members of the community, the partners know the needs and lifestyle requirements and can therefore easily adapt to the

Links Residential to Open Third Office in Hoboken

Hoboken—Links Residential, now in its second year of business, is expanding operations beyond Bergen County. The real estate agency is proud to announce the grand opening of its new Hudson County office in Hoboken mid-March.

“It is an amazing opportunity for us,” said Marc Stein,

The Big CHAZAQ Event III - An Event You Don’t Want to Miss!

Everyone is buzzing about the upcoming Big Event CHAZAQ III, and this is one event you will not want to miss! CHAZAQ never fails to organize an incredible experience, but this year The Big Event will be the likes of which you’ve never seen before. On Sunday March 15th the Colden auditorium (in Queens College) will most

Mul Arbel: Israeli Retirement Alternative in Tiveria Beats Boca

Tzvi Wilbur grew up as the son of religious Zionists whose parents always expected to move to Israel when they retired. Instead, they remain in the tri-state area. While the Wilburs have visited a senior communities in Boca Raton, Tzvi wondered, “Why aren’t there any religious retirement communities in Israel?” Unlike some

Designing for Kids

Even before a baby is born parents begin to plan and dream about the baby’s room. Pink or blue, yellow or green, these are often the first questions that come into play. Of course it is natural to focus on the baby and plan a beautiful room for him or her but it is important and valuable to look beyond and see how the room can grow with

A Seller’s 7 “P”s Marketing Strategy

Many agents believe in the “3 P’s” of marketing, which are:

• Put a sign in the yard.

• Put it on the MLS.

• Pray.

There is nothing wrong with praying, but you need the

What’s Your Style?

Whether just starting to look for a home, remodeling, or adding on, knowing the style of your ideal or existing house can be a tremendous help. (You’ll also gain a greater appreciation of the way your house was designed and built.)

There are many different types of house styles. Some people know

The Tax Appeal Process

Of the many joys of home ownership, paying real estate taxes is certainly not one of them. This is especially the case for New Jersey homeowners who pay among the highest property taxes in the nation. Therefore it is no surprise that with the downturn in the economy over the last number of years and the continued weakness in the economy,

Weatherization Home Tips

Is your home prepared to withstand temperature changes and extreme conditions from outside? Well, why not! Weatherizing your home is your best bet for putting some extra cash in your wallet this winter. Make your home feel warmer this season, without breaking the bank with these great Do-It-Yourself tips!

Improve Insulation

It may not be very

How Can I Reduce My Real Estate Taxes?

Let’s face it. No one likes to pay taxes, and if there is a way to reduce them you should make the effort to do so. The first step in reducing your home’s taxes is to go to the tax assessor’s office in your municipality. It is usually in the same building as your City Hall. When you go there ask for a copy of the Data Sheet for your

Ask the Realtor: Does Location, Location, Location Really Matter?

The adage is, when it comes to Real Estate the most important feature is “LOCATION… LOCATION…LOCATION.” That’s because Location still secures and guarantees your investment. Given the politics of today’s world there will always be fluctuations in the Stock Market and the Real Estate market.