Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Enhancing Curb Appeal

Put your best face forward when it comes to presenting your home for sale. These tips will help ensure that when buyers drive up to your home it’ll be a case of love at first sight.

Color me beautiful. Nothing perks up a home’s exterior better or faster than revitalizing coats of

How to Value Your Home?

This is the most frequently asked question when meeting with prospective clients who are thinking about selling their home. There is no “one size fits all” rule in real estate. A Fair Market Analysis is the one that is used most often in determining a sale price.

Recent comparable sales is a good

How Are Property Taxes Computed?

In Israel, just like in the rest of the world, owners of real estate have to pay property taxes, which are used to support city administrative activities such as garbage collection and maintenance of parks and roads.

In Israel, property taxes are called “arnona,” an ancient Greek word which

50 Indian Jews from ‘Lost Tribe’ Move to Israel

(JNS.org) A group of around 50 Bnei Menashe Jews from India immigrated to Israel on Tuesday, Israel Hayom reported. The new Israelis, said to descend from one of the 10 “lost tribes,” were greeted at Ben-Gurion International Airport by Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver.

The group’s move to Israel was facilitated by the Shavei Israel organization.

Friedberg Properties

For those of you who may not be familiar with my work, I am Nicole Idler, NJ/NY Associate Broker of Friedberg Properties. I am a long-time resident of Teaneck and a member of Netivot Shalom. I have sold extensively in Teaneck and the surrounding neighborhoods. I began an early career in Real Estate in Forest Hills, Queens

Ra’anana and Shalom Bayit

Ra’anana is a unique and beautiful city that has been blessed with communal Shalom Bayit–a mixed population of religious and secular Jews who live peacefully together and have created a tolerant and accepting environment.

Founded by American pioneers in 1922, the area was

Tips to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

StatePoint--Curb appeal is important in setting a welcoming tone. And if your home is for sale, an attractive exterior becomes crucial.

“Realtors tell us that potential home buyers make a ‘street decision’ in less than 12 seconds on whether or not to view a home,” says Niki Decker of Fypon, a leader in the synthetic millwork industry.

Tips to Make the Most of Small Spaces

StatePoint–No matter where you live, you want to make the most of your available living and storage space.

This is especially true for residents in urban areas who typically have smaller living spaces. And urban living is on the rise. As of 2010, more than half of all people lived in an urban area, and

Ask the Realtor

My Realtor wants me to fill out a Property Disclosure…what is the purpose?

During the course of owning a home many of us make repairs or expand to enhance the beauty and value of our investment. This is something that we want to share with potential buyers to achieve the best possible

Nina Eizikovitz Joins Links Residential Real Estate

Nina Eizikovitz has recently joined Links Residential Real Estate of Teaneck, New Jersey. Originally from Fair Lawn, she has lived in Bergen County her entire life and currently resides in Bergenfield with her husband and four children.

Nina has spent over a decade working with non-profit organizations in both professional and volunteer capacities. With a

Ask the Realtor

I am thinking of buying a home. What should be my first steps?

The first thing is to be qualified by a mortgage broker to determine what you can really afford together with taxes, home insurance, and monthly mortgage payments. There is no point falling in love with homes that do not fit in the parameters of what you can realistically

Using Your Senses to Sell Your Home

We’ve seen what seems like dozens of home selling checklists on the web. They can be helpful, but there can also be a lot to remember. And let’s face it, if you’re trying to sell your home you’re already up to your eyeballs in things to remember. What we’d like to do, therefore, is take those checklists and cut them down to size–specifically, a