Saturday, February 22, 2020

Real Estate

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Or More Than That!

“A recent survey found that 86% of home seekers find photos to be the most useful feature online when it comes to real estate.”

Today, buyers are busier than ever and rarely find the opportunity to “drive-by” a home or attend an open house. Instead, the first impression buyers most often get of their “dream home” is from photos that accompany an

Saba Maimon and the Repayment Problem

I had the good fortune to discuss mortgage issues with former Bergenfield resident Dovid Preil, who is a senior mortgage broker with First Israel Mortgages, which specializes in serving the Anglo community.

GB: What issues should my clients be aware of when shopping for a mortgage in Israel?

DP: Penalties. Allow me to illustrate with a story about a

The West Englewood Neighborhood Turkey

Summer just ended, it can’t be Thanksgiving already, can it? But really, let’s talk turkey: Teaneck wild turkey, that is. For a number of hours last Sunday, and intermittently since, a beautiful 15-18 pounder was seen strutting its stuff in the middle of Windsor Road, near Churchill, while drivers drove around it, gobbling politely. Later, it was seen

Ganei Ha’Ela: The Next Great Community for Olim

Representatives of Ganei Ha’Ela, a new community in Ramat Beit Shemesh, will be visiting New York and New Jersey next week to meet with potential buyers. Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, rabbi of the community, and Shelly Levine from Tivuch Shelly, the exclusive agent of the project, will be hosting an informational “open house” in Teaneck/Bergenfield area on

Modi’in Has Arrived

Modi’in is a beautiful young city that has become a popular destination for olim. Founded in 1993, Modi’in is well planned, with large swaths of protected land for parks. Designed to be Israel’s fourth-largest city, the population is almost 100,000 people–20% of whom are native English speakers

Who Has Your Best Interests in Mind?

What I’m about to say will make some people very, very uncomfortable, especially those people who have purchased property with a real estate broker!

Who hasn’t told a real estate broker, “Tell them I’ll give them up to $1.7 million but really I’ll go up to $1.85?” The numbers might be different in your case, but when a broker asks you what the true

Wolfson Towers: A Safe Haven for Overseas Buyers

I have fond memories from over 20 years ago walking in Jerusalem with my wife Fayge. We would head down King George Street, take a right turn on Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael, stroll through the neighborhood of Shaarei Chesed, with its rich history and vibrant activity, and finally arrive at Wolfson Towers to visit our relatives. Now that I am helping

Tax Transcripts

For those who haven’t seen a tran­script, it’s basically a summary of every­thing you would see on a 1040 tax return filing. Form 1040 tax returns are typically request­ed for a mortgage application along with all schedules/worksheets, and they give all de­tails as to how the tax return was filed. So why would a mortgage company need a transcript? The most

Kiryat Moshe: Harmonious Diversity

Kiryat Moshe is a charm­ing tree-lined communi­ty located in western Jeru­salem between the central bus station to the east and Givat Shaul to the west. The neighborhood is named for the British philanthropist Sir Moses Montefiore, whose charitable fund provided a loan to establish the community in 1923. Kir­yat Moshe is actually the last of six Jerusalem

Financing a College Education

The student loan debt statistics cited by the Feder­al Reserve referred to 2011 graduates. It did not consid­er those who borrowed for college, but did not obtain a degree. However, a 2011 study by the Institute for Higher Education Policy found that “58 percent of the 1.8 million borrowers whose student loans began to be due in 2005 hadn’t received a

Seaside Living

Although most of my clients enjoy the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem life, others prefer beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, and the slower pace and charm of a coastal town. For many of these clients, Netanya is a good fit.


Netanya, which literally means “Given by God,” was established 85 years ago and named in honor

Not All Square Meters Are Created Equal

A few years ago, my client wanted to purchase a three-bedroom apartment in a new development project. We first viewed a 150-square-meter (“sqm”), three-bedroom unit [1 sqm equals 10.76 square feet] in a brand new complex. We then visited a different project and looked at a 110 sqm, three-bedroom unit, which surprisingly felt just as spacious as