Sunday, January 19, 2020

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This Summer: Relax and Recycle

(StatePoint) Summertime means family outings, vacations and spending time outdoors. Amid all the fun, it’s important to be conscious of your environmental impact. One small way you can be a force for positive change is by properly disposing of old rechargeable batteries once they no longer power devices. You probably don’t know

Mortgage Rate Advice From ‘An Expert’

I was sitting in my office last week when I received a call from someone inquiring about refinancing options. Indeed, it is a common conversation that I have been having a lot of late. After going through the specifics of his situation and offering him our best rates and terms, he went on to give me his expert advice about the

Five Basic Things Everyone Should Know About Their Car

(StatePoint) Driving can be expensive if you lack basic car-care knowledge or proper insurance. Regular maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns and extend your car’s life, and the right coverage can protect your wallet in the event of an accident.

Here are five need-to-know basics:

Tivuch Shelly, Based on Trust, Variety and Flexibility

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelley) When it comes to a major purchase involving the commitment of a large sum of money, trust is a big factor—trust in the product and in the seller. Trust is earned. It comes from establishing a solid reputation built over a period of time through believability and supplying

Top Tips for Hurricane and Storm Readiness

(StatePoint) June to November is known in many parts of the country as hurricane season. As a growing area of the U.S. becomes susceptible to the effects of tropical storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s important to have a plan for your home and family.

To help you weather storms, the

Prepare Your Home for Summer Travel Season

(BPT) According to AAA Travel, nearly 100 million Americans - four in 10 U.S. adults - are planning to take a family vacation in 2019, with two-thirds of all families embarking on a summer getaway. As families across the country take time off to travel, the last thing they want to worry about is if their homes and belongings will be the

Absolutely Go Solar With ‘Absolute Solar’

What could be a smarter option than using your own environment to generate free electricity? Absolute Solar, a new solar panel company based in Lakewood, and formed about a year ago, has a mission of providing residential solar energy systems that will result in cost-savings for consumers. Panels installed on the roof of a

The Cost of Waiting

Last week I ‘challenged’ friends and followers inquiring whether they would choose $1 million guaranteed, or a 75% chance at $10 million. It was a mixed bag of results, and each respondent had their philosophy and motivation as to why they would pick one over the other. The question was a great example of perspective and how

Top Tips for Moving With a Pet

(StatePoint) Your furball is part of the family, so if you’re like most, you don’t make major life decisions without thinking of your pet’s needs — including where you live and how you move into a new home.

When people decide on new homes and communities, pet priorities are often equal

How to Nail the Farmhouse Style in Your Interior Decorating

(StatePoint) Farmhouse style is cozy, rustic, charming and eclectic. While creating the vibe in your own home is easy, according to home decorating experts, it requires some attention to detail.

Designer, Instagram personality, blogger and business owner Liz Marie Galvan, who recently renovated

Should You Hire a Landscape Professional?

(BPT) How do you know if you need a professional? Here are five signs.

Your Lawn Looks Unhealthy

You see brown grass, patchy growth and weeds. You’ve tried everything from various lawn products to altered watering techniques, but nothing works.

$1,000,000 Guaranteed!

One night my son started to ask some fascinating and thought-provoking topics around the dinner table that he and his friends compiled. Of the many engaging questions, one intrigued me the most, and I started to query my own friends and network, wondering how they would respond. The question was, “Would you rather have $1 million