Monday, September 25, 2017

Real Estate

She Said, ‘Now Is a Good Time to Talk,’ But It Obviously Wasn’t

If you’re a sales professional then you have definitely had a few no-shows even after confirming an appointment the day before; and you probably imagined what it would be like to punch the guy in the nose because you just took two trains into the city and gave up your morning for this appointment. Of course, you quickly drop the image,

Real Estate Terminology Explained

(Courtesy of Openagent.com via LinksNJ.com) The purchase and selling of real estate involves potentially complex legal transactions, and from time to time you may come across terminology in contracts and legal paperwork that you’re not familiar with. Here are some of the most common terms you may encounter and their

It’s Not About Me…

Many of the articles that I’ve been writing have typically followed the same format. I try to impart real life stories and examples about some of the experiences that my clients have endured working with me - or in some cases - catastrophes, by not working with me. Very often, which I am most proud about, I am able to adjust a

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Realize the Jerusalem Dream in Ramat Givat Zeev

(Courtesy of Chish Nofei Yisrael) One of the most high-profile, revolutionary real estate projects in Israel, Ramat Givat Zeev is nearing the first stage of completion. This brand-new, upscale neighborhood is located just 15 minutes away from the bustling heart of Jerusalem.

Over 60

Keep Your Eye On The Prize…

I recently had a longtime friend/client in my office for a series of meetings. We have been doing business together for many years, and he has also been a great referral source of new business. As he was sitting in my office waiting for our next appointment, he randomly said to me, “You know, I really have no satisfaction in life

Down Payment Myths

One of the most asked questions for first-time home-buyers is “How much do I need for a down payment?” All I can tell you is never assume the answer is the most you can put down, because there are many low down-payment options today. In this article we debunk the top three down payment myths.

How to Save for a House in One Year

(Courtesy of LinksNJ.com) Want to buy a home but don’t have a pile of cash in the bank? You’re not alone. Research tells us that saving for a down payment is the biggest obstacle to homeownership for first-time buyers, behind poor credit history, qualifying for a mortgage, and rising home prices. When I saved up for my first

Get the Feel of a Remodel for Less

(BPT) Dreaming of a renovation but lacking the time and resources for a full upgrade? You might be able to refresh your space by focusing your efforts on individual elements that have the most impact.

This growing interior design trend uses a thoughtful approach to renovation by

Yard Projects to Tackle as the Weather Cools off This Fall

(BPT) The temperature may not have dropped just yet, but make no mistake, fall is coming. Soon enough, baseball will give way to football, green leaves will turn yellow and red and your lawn care routine will take on a whole new set of tasks. Fall lawn care isn’t the long marathon of the summer yard season, but it packs

Didn’t Listen To Instructions And Paid The Price…

A few weeks ago I was leaving my office fairly late for a Friday afternoon, making my way up to the Catskills as I have been doing each weekend of the summer. While my “Waze” was evaluating, I proceeded to follow my normal route as I frequently do, which Waze has directed me to each and every week. Unexpectedly, on that

Park Hamesila: An Urban Oasis

What do you do with almost 4.5 miles of old, abandoned train tracks left in disrepair?

The Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway was completed in 1892 and operated for over 100 years until 1998. In 2005, Israel Railways opened a new Jerusalem station at the Malcha Station. The unused tracks between Malcha and

Ummm … Here We Go Again?!

There are a few events in a person’s life that will forever be etched in their memory. They will know exactly where they were at that very moment in history, who they were with, and what they were thinking. One such recollection for me is 9-11. I remember the people in my office gathering around my computer to see the latest news