Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Real Estate

Didn’t Listen To Instructions And Paid The Price…

A few weeks ago I was leaving my office fairly late for a Friday afternoon, making my way up to the Catskills as I have been doing each weekend of the summer. While my “Waze” was evaluating, I proceeded to follow my normal route as I frequently do, which Waze has directed me to each and every week. Unexpectedly, on that

Park Hamesila: An Urban Oasis

What do you do with almost 4.5 miles of old, abandoned train tracks left in disrepair?

The Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway was completed in 1892 and operated for over 100 years until 1998. In 2005, Israel Railways opened a new Jerusalem station at the Malcha Station. The unused tracks between Malcha and

Ummm … Here We Go Again?!

There are a few events in a person’s life that will forever be etched in their memory. They will know exactly where they were at that very moment in history, who they were with, and what they were thinking. One such recollection for me is 9-11. I remember the people in my office gathering around my computer to see the latest news

The Art of the Simultaneous Close

Do you want to buy a new home and sell your current home? Where do you begin? How do you get the stars to align?

My first suggestion is to see if you can qualify to carry two houses. I understand you may not want to carry two houses, but if you are able to, and you find a house that you really

Getting Approved… It’s Not What You Think!

While I was leaving the office last Friday, I received a frantic call from a Real Estate Agent asking if I have a few moments to discuss an urgent matter he was dealing with. Apparently his clients had their offer accepted to purchase a home in New Jersey, but they just found out that the mortgage broker is having an issue with the

Can You Go Low?

Low down payment to buy a home, I mean. So, what is the minimum amount of money you need to become a homeowner? Believe it or not, it doesn’t take much. There are just enough low down-payment programs for most borrowers, including those who are buying in the over-a-million-dollar range. For loans in the $424,100 area,

Tips to Bring Your Home From Bland to Bold This Summer

(StatePoint) Feeling uninspired in your space? Bring the bright, cheerful feeling of summer into your home with these DIY decor tips that won’t break the bank.

Make It Pop with Paint

Add cheery pops of color with paint. An accent

Moving With Kids: Tips and Tricks

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving into a new home is a stressful event. Packing and unpacking is one thing, but you also need to learn to navigate a new place, find your way to work, locate a supermarket and learn the layout of your home. The move becomes more stressful when little ones are involved. You’ll

Best Time To Buy & Best Time To Sell

Life is all about timing. One would think in a society where so much is readily accessible at our fingertips, the timetable at which someone chooses to make a purchase wouldn’t be as relevant anymore. Yet, we continue to see that throughout the year, there are strategic days and months that have favorable impacts on the price and

Upcoming Home Improvement? How to Navigate Big Purchases and Make Wise Decisions

(BPT) Are you planning an upcoming home improvement? If so, you are not alone.

Higher-than-average renovation spending is expected in 2017, according to a leading consumer magazine, with more than half of homeowners planning to spend money on home improvements throughout the year.

From upgrading appliances to gutting entire rooms, big projects

Latest Deck Trend: ‘Monster’ Size, Mega-Luxury

(BPT) Move over mini - the new trend in decking is anything but small.

When it comes to the size of their decks, the majority of Americans feel bigger is better - as multiple surveys indicate decks are getting larger and more luxurious, RealtorMag reports.

Today’s decks dwarf the outdoor spaces of decades ago, and blur the lines between

A Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering Your Home

(BPT) Controlling clutter in your home can be a challenge; 48 percent of Americans say their houses are cluttered with stuff they don’t use anymore, according to a survey by ClearVoice Research. Multiple studies have found a cluttered home can negatively affect your mental and physical health, while a cleaner home can make you