Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Real Estate

Chish Nofei Israel Returns to Teaneck to Host Ramat Givat Zeev Sales Event

(Courtesy of Chish Nofei Israel) Due to the overwhelming interest in the posh Ramat Givat Zeev residential project from buyers in the Teaneck area, Chish Nofei Israel, the company that is building the real estate venture, located on the outskirts of Jerusalem, is returning with a special sales event on Thursday, November

Yeshivat Frisch Launches Inaugural Real Estate Networking Event

Yeshivat Frisch launched its inaugural Real Estate Networking Event on October 24, featuring a talk and Q&A with Harry Macklowe of Macklowe Properties. The sold-out event was hosted by Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP in Manhattan, and chaired by Jennifer Prince, Robbie Scharf and Joseph Burry Klein. Attendees included over 130

How to Get Your Home in Sale-Ready Condition

Preparing your house for walk-throughs and viewings can seem like quite an arduous and intimidating task. Here are some tips that will make the process more manageable and a lot less scary.

Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Remove mildew or moss

Pedestrian Scramble: A Glimpse Into King George Street

King George Street, located in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, was created in 1924 during the British Mandate period, and named in honor of Britain’s then-reigning King George V.

Twenty-five years later, after the state of Israel was created, there was a movement to change its name

Five Reasons to Consider a Home Theater System Now

(StatePoint) When it comes to entertaining ourselves at home, there are more options than ever before. Whether you are looking to upgrade your family’s existing movie night experience or you are just getting started in assembling a home theater system, here are five reasons to consider doing so now.

  1. There is more media

How to Read a Loan Estimate

The first question you may have is: what is a loan estimate (LE)? If you bought or refinanced a residential one- to four-family property in the past two years and obtained financing, then you know that it’s the initial estimate of closing costs and summary of

Fundamentally Speaking, You Missed The Boat!!

In commerce, most things have a season and a cycle. An easy visual example of a season would be, when you walk into a store the day before a holiday, and then you walk into that same store the day after - and the shelves are completely turned over planning for the next upcoming holiday. In fact, ‘yesterdays’

Home Improvement Insight: Redesign With Kids’ Safety in Mind

(BPT) Smart homeowners take a strategic approach to home improvement projects such as redoing a playroom, living room or bedroom to keep kids’ safety in mind during the redesign process.

By being proactive today, you can ensure your entire family can safely enjoy the results of your

DIY Home Upgrades Anyone Can Do in a Day

(BPT) Do-it-yourself home projects are sweeping the nation, and it’s easy to see why. DIY is typically budget-friendly and fulfilling to complete; simply find the right project to match your skill set and needs.

To get started, here are five inexpensive projects that can by tackled by any

Four Foolish Mistakes That Many First-Time Home Buyers Make

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. It signifies that you are ready to take another step in building your life. To ensure you don’t look back on your closing day with regret, avoid these four common mistakes that most first-time homebuyers make. It is so easy to get starry-eyed at all

Three Steps to a Healthier, Happier Home

(BPT) Today, people are more focused on health and wellness than ever before. You know this because you are constantly flooded with advice on what to eat, how (and how much) to exercise, and what to ask your doctors.

All of these things are important but what about the vital role the home plays in your healthy lifestyle? As you prepare for another

New Construction vs. You Construction (Part II)

In my previous article, I discussed the primary considerations when choosing between new construction home purchases versus doing construction yourself. Of course we merely scratched the surface, and a brief article cannot do the matter justice, nor convey the inherent risks involved in either situation. Let’s face it,